Mount Adaklu? Psh. Yeah I've climbed it.

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We woke up early to get to a nearby town to hike Mount Adaklu, a fair sized mountain that strangely ressembled Pride Rock from the Lion King. They call it a hike, but when you have to use rope to climb straight up rocks, I call it rock climbing. It took about 2 hours to get up to the top, and 1 hour to get down. There was a lot of falling and a lot of dirt, so my running shoes may not make it home.

After about half an hour of hiking up steep stair like rocks, we arrived at a small village - the only mode of access being those stairs. It was a secluded little village with extremely kind people. We rested there for a bit (already being tired, we knew we were in for a challenge!), then continued on our trek. The rest of the hike was a little more interesting that just stair after stair.
.. after stair, with different terrain and plants to look at. There was also always our guide, Bright's, whistling to listen to the whole way up! Although it was a bit of a foggy day, the view was still amazing from the top. You could the entire village where we were dropped off at the bottom, and hear the sound of deep beating drums from the church. It felt like such a great accomplishment.

The hike up, we wondered how we were going to get down the same way because some of the areas so steep. Bright assured us it would be a different route to go down. It was the same route. The way down was definitely easier, but a little more scary as we slowly edged our way down the slippery slopes and backed down the rock-faced cliffs holding tightly onto the ropes. We'd stare in awe, as Wonder, a little boy who came along ran past us, doing flips on the tree branches and hopping from rock to rock. The guides do this hike about 12 times a weeks!

We were definitely tired and ready to go back to Ho, but it was a fantastic day trip and well worth the sore muscles and sweat!
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View from the top
View from the top
photo by: silan