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Africa's pretty small right? Yeah about the size of Greater Vancouver. I'll just hop on a bus and see the whole thing. Here are a few suggestions from co-workers (lifeguards may know some kick-ass first aid, but that may be the extent of their practical knowledge), get some ivory (fresh), build a pyramid, see a lion, bring back an elephant, go to Djibouti (because it's fun to say). But in all reality, none of those will happen. In all reality, I'm bringing home a monkey and nobody can stop me. Don't worry, I've gotten my shots. Hep A, typhoid, meningitis (times 2), yellow fever, rabies (times 3), polio, and weren't those a basket of daisies? But at least they'll protect me from potential diseases that I may succumb to after the monkey I plan to befriend bites me. I'll get him in the suitcase. Monkey's are suckers for bananas... at least that's what the man in the yellow hat told me.

My dad recently pointed out that my rabies shots were more expensive than my dog's. Was that a hint? I'm sorry, should I have gone to the vet (am I setting myself up for a joke here?)? Although I must admit, my vaccination experience, though making me feel like an animal test subject, was significantly less scarring than Janelle's. I wasn't forced to bus to the county clinic in Pittsburgh (no offence, Pittsburgh, you've got Crosby after all), and not even get all the vaccinations we need.

If you're wondering why this post sounds so weird, it's because I'm bored out of my mind, not working, home alone with my dog (abandoned yet again!), and last night I watched 4 hours of Lost non-stop before I slept, resulting in a dream that was like Cast Away on the Lost island with the Professor from Gilligan's Island. I really shouldn't have eaten so many Triscuits.
eejot says:
You and the dog could've shared rabies tales :P
Posted on: Jul 27, 2007
chrisbauer says:
Those rabies shot really are expensive. Mine cost $750 when all was said and done.
Posted on: Jul 16, 2007
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