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Janelle, Lisa and I made our way back to the Cedi Bead factory, which we went by on one of the earlier weekend trips. What we thought would be a short 3 hour trip, turned into 6 hours, but it was fun nonetheless! We sharpened our tro-tro hailing skills, didn't overpay and got some mighty fine beads by the end.

Tro-tros are a funny business. We got on a tro-tro (big vans that people can hop on and off of, meant to seat 12 but fitting up to 22 people, which we discovered when riding back from the mountain hike) to Kpong (I'd write out how to spell it, but I'm pretty sure we don't use that sound in English), but had to wait 45 minutes at the station for the whole van to fill up. The ride there was about 1 hour 40 minutes. Then we took a tro-tro to Somanya because the taxis were overcharging us. This took us about 15 minutes. We managed to find Cedi Beads, spent about an hour there, then made the long haul back to Ho. This time we had to flag down a tro-tro on the street. The driver's don't actually stop, they just brake a little and you shout where you're going as they drive by. "KPONG!" "KPONG!" ends up sounding similar to a fly buzzing loudly as it flies past your ear, or the sound of a race car zooming by. Success! We got on a tro-tro to Kpong, then got on one there to Ho. After waiting 30 minutes for it to fill up, and about an hour to get back, we were dropped off nicely right outside the CCS driveway. Maybe it was too much of an effort for beads... but they're just so darn pretty.
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photo by: silan