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My last week in Ghana passed so quickly it's amazing. Another volunteer, Rachel and I put on a CPR clinic at the Volta Regional Hospital for the nurses on Monday and Tuesday. Only some of the nurses had ever learned or heard of CPR before. We had one demonstration dummy, so we borrowed pillows from the hospital, ripped up an old sheet into squares on which we drew a torso, then placed it on a pillow. It's not much of a model of a human body, but it will have to do, and is at least good enough to understand the landmarks. We printed out handouts with the basic steps and went through the techniques with the nurses. We both felt like the clinics went really well.

The next couple days, I got a chance to go back to Woe to see the bone healer again. Unfortunately it would be a bit of a wasted trip because we got there late the first day, and the second day, she was out collecting herbs.
It was still nice to go back and see the other CCS site again.

I got back on Thursday night, planning to leave the next day, but suddenly being overwhelmed by a certain situation at Heathrow. News doesn't really travel fast in Ghana, but we heard some rumours about having trouble flying the next day.  The rest of the night was spent making quick trips to the internet cafe to find out more and calls home to parents to see what we could figure out about the situation. We were trying to sort out whether flights were cancelled, delayed or something else equally as inconvenient. It would appear that we wouldn't be able to bring any carry-on onto the plane. Trying to pack like this can be stressful. How do you pack a drum in a backpack? Are my kalabash bowls going to break? Wait.
.. I really can't bring a carry-on? We somehow managed to pack everything into our backpacks and, with tears in our eyes, we were ready to go.

In celebration of our last night, we baked a cake with chocolate frosting and ate it. It was a sad, lumpy cake, but having seven people crowded around a pan of cake and pick at it with forks, is something I won't soon forgot.

The last day blues struck hard at about 5:30am. The morning was spent saying goodbyes, being forced to drinking guiness at 10 in the morning with co-workers at WiLDAF, saying more goodbyes, and essentially denying the fact that we were leaving that afternoon. The ride to the airport was a quiet one.

Because of Janelle's super fantastic club membership, I'm sitting in the lounge in Heathrow waiting for our flight to Vancouver.
Our puppy Kumasi-Vi! What a troublemaker.
I don't know what I'd do otherwise if we weren't in here, since we weren't allowed to bring any carry-on. No books, no music, no pens, no paper, just your passport and prescription medication (I really should have a doctor's note for my ipod).

It still doesn't even feel like we've left Ghana, aside from the slight culture shock when landing and seeing the hectic views of London and using the washroom in the lounge where you actually put the toilet paper in the toilet, instead of the bin beside it. What a concept!
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Our puppy Kumasi-Vi! What a troubl…
Our puppy Kumasi-Vi! What a troub…
photo by: ulysses