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We spent the weekend in Kokrobite, a small fishing village 25km west of Accra. Taking tro-tro's to get there seems simple. We caught a ride with one of the volunteers leaving to the airport, from we caught tro-tros to Circle, to Kaneshie, then to Kokrobite. However, somewhere along the way it started to get dark and we found ourselves in the middle of a busy Accra tro-tro station with no clue where we were, or where we were supposed to be going. It appears we had really gotten used to the slow-paced lifestyle of Ho, and the busy life of Accra was a little overwhelming! Luckily, in true Ghanaian spirit, some extremely kind people didn't just point us in the right direction, they led us straight to the right tro-tro.

When we arrived in Kokrobite, a man named Williams led us to Big Milly's where we were meeting another volunteer we had met, and where we would be staying for the weekend. At first we weren't quite sure where we were being led, seeing at there wasn't much light, we were walking down a questionable alley, and the smells just weren't quite right, but as soon as we heard the music and drums, we knew we were headed in the right direction. We arrived during a dancing and drumming performance that happens every weekend and found Katie, the girl we were meeting.

The weekend went by slowly and quickly as we lazed around, sleeping, reading, sitting on the beach, swimming, playing frisbee, being attacked by local children, and making rasta friends. There should be a Kokrobite 25km west of every city.
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Freemanjah carving adinkra symbols…
Freemanjah carving adinkra symbol…
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