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There isn't much to report from this day because I spent most of it alternating between writhing in bed in a delirious stupor and hovering over the bathroom toilet everytime I tried to keep down even a sip of water.

So you're probably thinking by now, "Man, Vancouver, what a deathtrap! I'm never going to go there!" But don't think that! Vancouverians are a very friendly people and everywhere people seem healthy, happy, smiling and friendly. There is a vibrancy of life there that is almost tangible in the air. No matter where you go, there always seem to be crowds of people out and about, enjoying the fantastic weather (at least in the summer). I also like the diversity of the inhabitants - there seems to be a very large asian and mixed race population and from what I saw everyone seemed pretty open and accepting.

Even though Vancouver is a large, metropolitan city, you also get the feeling of a closeness to nature that is lacking in other big cities. Instead of fanatically paving over each square inch of greenery, there are actually grasses and trees visible. It is also surrounded by water and cradled by mountains to the north. Vancouver is still one of my favorite cities and if I have a chance to go back there, I definitely will. Just no sushi.

angie says:
Yeah I wanted to get some xiao long bao in Richmond, but vicious bacteria in Eric's sushi vetoed our plan.
Posted on: Nov 28, 2005
kloricacid says:
if you're in the mood for chinese food..or dim sum, check out richmond..which by far has the best (and cleanest) places to eat chinese food
Posted on: Nov 22, 2005
angie says:
oot and aboot! I was very impressed with Canadian healthcare.
Posted on: Nov 09, 2005
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