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View of the city driving north on the I-5.
The flight to Seattle was pretty uneventful. Ever since I took a Ryan Air flight from Rome to London and experienced jaw-dropping turbulence that literally left the passengers feeling weightless for brief amounts of time, I have always felt a bit nervous on planes. Fortunately, the most exciting thing on this flight was a bird sitting on the top of the plane that gave passengers dirty looks as they boarded.

I love downtown Seattle because it's small enough to comprehend and easy to get around. In contrast to the labyrinthine mess of one way streets in San Francisco, the wide streets in downtown Seattle are almost perfectly arranged in a grid, and have easy to remember names like 1st Ave., 2nd Ave., and 3rd Ave. Some people might say this lacks character, but it's refreshing to see every once and a while.

Another thing I love about Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest in general, is the relatively pollution-free sky. Growing up in Los Angeles, I got used to never being able to see downtown because it was obscured in a miasma of dirty colored smog. And while the smog made for some interesting colors and effects during sunsets at the beach, I greatly prefer the clear skies that Washington has to offer. There are few sights as awe-inspiring as driving east over the 520 around sunset and seeing in crystal clear clarity, miles away, the cap of Mt. Rainer peeking over a voluminous mass of clouds.
kloricacid says:'s even worse when you get into 1st ave NE, 1st ave SE, 1st ave W, 1st ave S, 1st Ct, 1st Pl, 45th St. NE, 45th St. SE..etc.....and this stuff goes on...some up to 200 block....

now THAT lacks character...
Posted on: Nov 22, 2005
angie says:
That seagull was so cool!
Posted on: Nov 06, 2005
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View of the city driving north on …
View of the city driving north on…
Me pretending to look thoughtful b…
Me pretending to look thoughtful …
A blurry sunset view.
A blurry sunset view.
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