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Jamie, myself, and Jim arrive... we play sober well enough
Our arrival was proceeded by a 90 minute Stau, an attempt by two drunk guys to navigate to parking spots, and several 'mad-dashes' behind bushes to expell some of the fluids that had been building up inside of us.  We would have used a bathroom but for a drunk man who has to pee... well im sure you all have been near a drunk man who has to piss... vegetation = urinal.  Once we did find parking we decided this would be a good time to take pictures as our memories would lie to us about the events that were to unfold over the next weekend.  Parking was relativly close to where we were told we would be camping.  Thanks to Mark, a formar platoon leader of mine, an 8 digit grid was sent to our bivuac site and we began negotiating our way through security, past the mobs of people, and finally to our temp home.
Our advanced party, happy to see that we made it
  Leave it up to our advanced party to find premier real-estate.  We pitched tents next to one of the ponds, at the intersetion of two main trails that led to a variety of camp sites and most importantly, the trail that took you to stages 1 & 2.  First order of buisiness, sort alcohol and food, perishables from non-perishables.  This lasted for about 15 seconds when we decided it was more important to start drinking and making fun of each other, and to start planning what shows we were going to see.  The next couple of hours featured Kurtiss falling over several times while his wife, Lisa rolled her eyes, Mark and several of his friends making fun of diff people, and jim jamie and i figuring out how and where we would sleep.  From what I can remember, there were two shows we were going to see that night.  Depeche Mode and Bloodhound Gang.  We headed off, I recall Depeche Mode being outstanding and all I remember from Bloodhound Gang was me and Dom fighting our way to the front, Dom about getting trampled, and then us fighting our way back out.  We returned to our camp site to find just about everyone else there, drinking, and eating.  The night ended relatively quiet.  We all wanted a good night sleep for the next day which judging by the band list, was going to be insane.
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Jamie, myself, and Jim arrive... w…
Jamie, myself, and Jim arrive... …
Our advanced party, happy to see t…
Our advanced party, happy to see …
Joe and Jamies lady friend
Joe and Jamie's lady friend
photo by: tacco14