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Day Two.

So today we decided to do another tour with the new europe company, who we did the free tour with yesterday. We went to visit the Sachenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial which is about an hour north of the city. I kind of didnt really know what to expect from the day. However i really enjoyed, if you can enjoy a concentration camp.!

 It was very wierd walking around the site and hearing all of the stories from our guide as to who was placed there and what happened to them whist there were there, and thinking that it was only about 60 years ago that it was still in use, and its just unbelievable the things that were allowed to happen to inn ocent people for hold their own beliefs. I just makes you feel lucky to live the life we do.What was really wierd  was that the main focal point of the site as you walk into the site is the huge tower the East German government put up to commemorate the political prisoner places into the camp, and there were various other plaques around the site to commemorate the victims of varying social groups, such as all of the homosexuals etc. What strikes me as odd, is why they have felt the need to do this separately because everyone who entered the camp regardless of their race, polital standing or sexuality was subjected to the same treatment. Its as if the East German government are continuing to keep the segregation alive that was imposed with the camp

It was quite a heavy going day visiting the memorial, so we decided to spend the evening on the hunt for a bookshop that would sell alex a copy of the new Harry Potter in English! Needless to say after a lot of walking around in a giant loop we didnt manage to find the bookshop on Potsdammer Platz, that the lady in reception at the hostel had said was there. we also manage to stumble upon the premier for the film the fantastic four which was quite kool even if it took us a while to realise what was going on! We were also very happy by our random wanderings this evening as we finally found the "modern" heart of the city as up until this point we kinda felt as though the city was missing that busy energetic atmosphere which your seem to find in a lot of other cities such as London. Wehn we did find it and walked around we couldnt quite work out how we could have missed it the previous day as we went right past some sections of the area before.  Oh well that shows was sleep deprivation on a bike can do for you!

There is one thing i have realsied from being in Berlin, is that i hate cyclists, this is due to the fact that i keep getting nearly run over by them! I cant help it if i keep walking into the cycle lane! i have had a few near misses which has given Alex and myself a heartattack on several occasions. Somehting else i think is really kool, although slightly random, is that all of the little red and green men are different on the trafficlights, its kind of no real importance but makes me laugh none the less.
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photo by: CFD