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For a long time, I was an ANTI-CHINA person. I never considered China as a vacation destination.

I do not appreciate people assume TAIWAN & CHINA ARE THE SAME COUNTRY!  (Please correct your friends if they had this assumption!) If you knew a bit more about political issue in between Taiwan and China, you would understand why I see myself as a Taiwanese, not from China.

My first trip to China was for business! (So far, all for business!)
Whatever I saw from those trips is NOT THE REAL CHINA, only the memory of our huge factory mill in China with some Taiwanese managers supervising the production!!!!

Early this month, I was on the business trip again. Well, it was more like a vacation to Beijing paid by the company.My first time flying with domestic flight in China. My first time to Beijing!

Eyes wild Shut!!! The scenes I used to see from TV or whatever I never expected all become the live-show!

*** Cheap for you. Special for you ***

If you are planning to travel China any time soon, I strongly recommend you take some one who speaks the language to go with. Or train yourself as the SUPER BUYER, DO NOT FEEL BAD BARGAINING IN CHINA.

If you do not speak the language, then you will definitely get the special treatment by the locals. The street vendors or souvenir shops WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST PRICE for whatever you would like to buy.

When you approach to them, they will FIRST TELL YOU - CHEAP FOR YOU; they try to get your attention. (Of course, their CHEAP means RIP YOU OFF!) If you did not like their price and about to leave, they would then LOWER

For the whole trip, I was showing my BARGAINING SKILL to my clients. They were happy but all the street vendors HATED ME, they even said bad things in front of me.But believe me, they all still made profit from us even they all know how to say CHEAP FOR YOU. SPECIAL FOR YOU. It is the matter of BIG OR SMALL PROFIT.

P.S. I bargained a fake winter coat for my client from RMB 800 down to RMB 200. You would assume it is good deal already, but after I returned home, my friend Todd and JP got the better price RMB 80! (Not sure if the same quality, but shall not be too bad)

*** Be Cold-Blooded ***

One night, me and my client (Mr. K) were out for drinks. The area we went is like a club district; a long street with bars right next to each other. There was one boy looked like he never had shower, his face was dirty and not even mentioned about his clothes.

Once he saw us, he came up to Mr. K asking for the money. He tried anything he could to get money out of our pockets, he even hold Mr. K's leg. Honestly, it means nothing to us even we give him a 20 dollar bill (RMB 20 is less than USD$ 3)

But from other peoples experience, you have to be COLD-BLOODED!Otherwise, it will never end. Kids would ask more or tell his friends to ask for money as well. We ignored the boy and asked him to leaveĀ”...but he would not even listen till the bar manager kicked his butt.

On the way home, it was this little boy again, this time was worst. He followed us to our taxi but he refused to let us to close the door. He finally gave up after the taxi driver yelled at him, but the boy was very disappointed as he was trying so hard to get money from us!

He gave us the FINGER when he finally closed the door.

I was mad when he did that, but Mr. K told me he was just a boy and
probably does not even know what that means. The next day, we decided to take Mr. D there for drinks. Of course, there was the same boy again.

I am not sure if he recognized us or not, but he was on mission again once he saw us. We tried to ignore him the whole time till he gave us the finger again. I was furious and grabbing his hand telling him this is not right and you shall never do this to anyone again.

The boy was a bit shocked but I dont think he was scared. I think he was
shocked cuz it's probably the first time people ever told him whatever he
did was wrong; the first time he received attention from the tourist. On the way home, we saw him again, but this time he was around his mom. I knew the boy was not scared of me as he kept looking at me!

I looked at his mother and felt bad for them. I felt bad for the boy as he
deserves the better life, I felt bad for the mother cuz she did not have the
choice. At the end of our Beijing trip, I told my clients that boy is someone I will miss!!!

*** BIG HEART ***

Every morning, when we had our breakfast at the hotel cafeteria, we were surrounded by all the different languages but most is German.

They were there for vacation, and also taking their adopted girl home!!! In China, most parents prefer ONE MALE CHILD due the economical and traditional reason. There is a saying that baby girl will be killed or abandoned!!!

First, my conjecture is those couples are unable to have babies and that is why they adopted the baby from China. I was wrong, there are many couples have their own kids already but still came to China for saving a baby girls life.

It is touching. Even I do not know them at all, but I know they are the people with BIG HEART!!!

*** My First Step On Great Wall ***

You all must be sick of reading this e-mail as I had not mentioned a word
about GREAT WALL even the subject of this e-mail is MY FRIST STEP ON GREAT WALL.

For me, it was just a wall that built by our ancestors for defending their
territory. It was nice spending some time walking on the Great Wall, but the real excitement of this Beijing trip for me was about experiencing the culture differences, local life and others. After this trip, my heart is now opened. I would like to visit other cities in China.

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