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After vising the amazingly fun Guzoo, we headed on the short drive to Three Hills where we would stay for the night. Three Hills is one of those small towns in Canada that is really, really small. It's a classic Alberta town where there are more tractors than cars, and it's almost impossible to find a gas station that isn't diesel. We found our hotel, a Best Western. It was obviously brand new, as it's clean, tall walls stood out among the run down, chipped-paint shacks that stood around it. We pulled into the parking lot. We were the only car.

"But where will we park?!?" I exclaimed in panic.

*side note: I'm writing this blog about 2 months later in my house as I watch TV. I'm going to admit with shame that I'm watching "Victoria Beckham Comes to America", for lack of better options. That's right. Is this what television has come to?*

We walked into the Best Western, a shocking change from the Beverly Crest and camping in Banff. The empty lobby seemed to echo as we walked towards the front desk where the lone receptionist greeted us. After we checked in, we went up the elevator (one of the few we would encounter on our trip) to check out our room. The room, itself, was amazing, and a welcome change from sleeping in freezing weather the last couple nights. Heading back to the car to get our bags, we found the elevator we took up, waiting patiently for us. Perfect. We looked up and down the large parking lot. We were still the only car. It got a little eery as we walked to our room (with our faithful elevator, of course), with no other signs of human life in the building. It was obviously the off-season for Three Hills. We discussed what they could possibly need two full sized hotels, and concluded that they had an annual conference of some kind - maybe a sheep sheering competition (i joke.).

*side note: don't worry, Victoria did pass the test and get her US driver's license. i know. i was getting nervous too.*

Driving through town earlier, we hadn't seen too much in the means of places to get food, so we headed down to the front desk to get some suggestions. We walked up to the elevator and pressed the button, expecting our private elevator to open in front of us and take us downstairs. But wait... why wasn't it opening? Were we... waiting for an elevator? Who else was using it??? Puzzled, we made our way downstairs and managed to get a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant.

On our return to the hotel, our car remained to look awfully lonely as the only car in the parking lot.


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