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I ended up taking my 'summer holidays' from work in September this year. Wasn't planned - I just changed my plans so many times, that all the good weeks were taken. But with nothing booked and no friends able to get time off, I spent my 2 weeks Spring cleaning (in Autumn, during my Summer holidays). How fun!

However, not going abroad meant I could explore a little of my own lovely land. :)

I absolutely love that moment, just before  leaves start to change colour and one by one they are evicted from their branches. There is nowhere better to enjoy this than in the middle of the woods. So, I grabbed my mother,  the dog lead (and the dog) and headed for Clare Glens.

As a child, I remember spending many summer afternoons picnicing here.

My mother and our neighbour would bundle as many kids as possible into their cars (sitting on laps and squished from door to door) and we'd spend hours running throught he trees and climbing rocks and daring each other to run across the shakey wooden bridge. Then lemonade and sweets before rebundle-ing ourselves back into the cars for home. These are some of my best memories and they always come flooding back as soon I see the stone wall and rusty gate that leads into the nature trails that run through the woods.

Today, there was no squished car ride or lemonade. Just my mother, my dog & myself. We decided to follow the green arrows (the easy trail), as we weren't sure if we could handle the longer (purple) path like we used to 20 years ago. The first thing we came across was the Clare River which runs right through the glen. There are lots of little waterfalls along it's path real easy to lose time watching them. We had a bit of a climb to get to the 'upper' paths that lead to a stone footbridge, before veering right and downhill to reach the riverbank at a wooden footbridge (which isn't as shakey and scary anymore) and then loops back to the start of the trail.

Next time I think I'll bring proper walking shoes and attemp the full trail.

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Clare Glens
photo by: sarah_82