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My plane and my camera

I was heading for Dubai for the first time in my life and I was travelling with an open mind. Sometime in September 2010 I had bought the plane tickets quite spontaneously; I had received an email with an offer of a return ticket Copenhagen – Dubai for less than 500 euro and I just decided to book.

I had naturally associated Dubai with tall buildings and I had only decided on one primary goal on the trip and that was to visit the Burj Khalifa; which is the tallest building in the world other than that nothing was on the list in the beginning.

The more I started to read, the more ideas of what to do came in to my mind for this trip. One thing that came in quite late was that I wanted to rent a car; I was sure it would give me some more freedom in order just to be free.

Getting ready for take-off
I found of that renting a car was really cheap, so why not do that.

As soon the idea of the car was in place I started to look on what to do besides visit Dubai. Abu Dhabi became a must and so did a trip to Oman after reading Vance blog from the same area. Quite soon my 3 times 24 hours in Dubai became full and my plan was just to go with the flow on this trip.  

I had taken an evening flight on the Saturday and looking in the rear-view mirror I should have gone for Friday instead but it gave me good time to pack or it should have because I ended up packing 20 minutes before I had to leave; packing is for me the worst thing about a trip.

I arrived in the airport 1½ hour before the plane took off and I received a good message as soon I was out there; they had upgraded me to a semi-business seat which made my mood even better. The plane was full of families with children I guess many of the people heading for Dubai due to the situation in Egypt. I decided to take it easy and I ended up being the last one boarding; I had a good seat and there is usually no problems managing the hand luggage on these trips.

The trip when really fast; we were 1½ hour before schedule when we entered Dubai Airport and I had not been able to close my eyes for just one minute but I am not good at sleeping when I travel. The cabin personnel were sweet and caretaking towards the ones that needed and things went really well.  

wandafromtexas says:
you're so brave to actually DRIVE in the MiddleEast!
Posted on: Oct 10, 2013
Amrisalem says:
i have 2 packing check-lists
1- for short and quick trip, like a weekend trip
2- long abroad travels

that is how i over came my hatred for packing :)
Posted on: Mar 04, 2011
rotorhead85 says:
Nice Feature Chris!!
Posted on: Mar 04, 2011
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My plane and my camera
My plane and my camera
Getting ready for take-off
Getting ready for take-off
photo by: the_bill