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Shopping... So much to be done, so little time and so little space in my luggage! Besides gifts, souvenirs, a bit of chocolate, wine I could not  fit much more in my suit cases... I did get myself a few things but whent easy on the weight considering I was already over the limit (both luggages were 32kg each and cost me 160 swiss francs to board the plane..) Note for heavy travellers: if ur luggage is more than 32kg (yes its possible) you will need to ship them by boat... Costy!!!



Barcelona Shopping: Just like in the states there are alot of big known stores: Sephora, Mango, H&M, Topshot, Zara etc.. Not really worth it as its the same old stuff at the same old price considering the euro exchange.. There are some nice underground boutiques with Spanish designers clothes. More original stuff is found in those stores but the prices are high! There are shoe stores everywhere and the prices can vary alot. Beware that sizes are different in Spain.. I usually wear size Medium or small but in Barcelona I needed extra small.. and guess what, they dont have much extra small.. Mostly big sizes. For shoes, its the same thing but I needed 2 size bigger than what I usually need in Montreal... I never did find those gold addidas in size 41!!  As for scheduals, please remember most stores are closed during the siesta hours!!

France shopping: Ahhh France, no matter if you are not in Paris there are some nice things to buy in France! From jewellery to food, to purses, to clothes, I loved it! Its pricy but usually worth it. I really enjoyed the market shopping with huge open air kiosques of local products. Really nice tippical souvenirs to bring home at a resonnable price! You can as well find the usual big name stores but it all comes down to the same products and cost more sometimes than at home! As for scheduals, its pretty much the same as in America!

Croatian shopping: Beautifull hand made products, lots of souvenir shops, markets and cute boutiques. Things are pretty cheap there and the Kuna echange rate was good vs Canadian dollards. As for scheduals: Bol has great opening hours from 10 am to 10 pm.. I mean its great to be able to night shop especially near the sea when its + 27C =). Split: Beware most cool stores close around 2pm on Saturdays..

Swiss shopping: Like in France/Barcelona you have many big brand name stores in CH. There are some funky shoe stores, decoration and clothing stores were original things can be found. Price vary depending on the cities and stores but the swiss exchange rate was as well good compared to the Canadian dollards. Lots of great food to buy in Switzerland.. I think they have all the best chocolate, chips, yogourt in the world.. I mean, they have an entire row of yogourt at the store with billions of flavors! Talk about yummy! As for scheduals: They have normal opening hours but restaurant kitchens close after lunch for a few hours.. Everything (or almost) is closed on Sundays... Its a weird thing but you get used to it!

So... I did not end up maxing my credit cards but had a blast buying myself gifts =) Unpacking my suitcases was hours of fun and brought back many nice souvenirs from my 5 weeks escapade!


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