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After a short 7h30 min flight I got to Geneva safely! The flight was fine; no crying babies or anoying seat partners and the food was actually tasty to my big surprise... On the other hand the movie was really bad and thank god my MP3 list was groovy and my reading book too! So here I am getting off the plane giggling as my sister is there waiting for me on the other side and I just cant wait to cross over the customs but first, I must get my stuff off the carousel that seems to spin faster than usual (must be the lack of sleep)!!! Awesome here comes my first bag yay!! I seem to be lucky the other one should not be really far so I wait.... and wait some more.... and more.... and darn... the carousel stops!!! Hummm... I think my luck just left me... So, I decide to ask the man with a very bright orange shirt for help he confirmed that the plane is empty and that I should forget about my second bag as it must be lost! Ohhh pure joy!! He directs me to a kiosk to file a report and I stay there for hummm a good 20 minutes and I then realize that A) these people at this kiosk are really slow and B) this kiosk doesnt handle KLM flights.. Yay more pure joy!!  I start scanning this place for the right kiosk and I see at the other side a very big and long row of people waiting. Well I found the spot alright and was there for a pretty long time. There were many people in my situation and I must say some pretty pissed off tourists!

After what seems like ever I get to the kiosk and explain my story, I had to start over a few times as the guy could not well understand my French so I opted for English.. He searched his computer for an other 10 minutes to tell me that my bag was still in Amsterdam where I had to switch planes and that it might arrive on the next flight that is arriving in 1h45 min. Humm luck are you going to come back? Its not like I have a choice (all my pants/shorts/skirts are in there) and buttomless tourism is really not my thing!! To kill the time I decide to go outside as he confirmed I could come back in and spent time with my sister and her boyfriend smoking cigarettes and eating some chocolate as I kinda needed some!! :)

After the waiting time and positive thinking (repeating  in my head: the bag will get here fine) I cross back over and start scanning the carousel for my bag. Yes yes yes!!! I see it, or I think I do as its black like all the others but I finally see the pink scarf I attached on it and start running towards my bag! I guess I must of looked really happy as a man actally offered to help me get it! I then went through the customs again and met with my sister again to drive home for an hour. Traffic by this time was about to start but we got home fast and I was very happy to find food, a shower and my family for a great night of catching up! Lets say that by 9 pm I was not fully understanding what they were saying as my 36hrs of non sleep was kicking in! I headed to bed for a sublime 12hrs sleep that trully did the job!

Today we took it easy and started to prepare for our departure. I already bought my self a few things even if I really was not looking :)

Tomorow we are leaving early for our car decent to Barcelona. First stop Carcasonne France, were we will be spending the night! I am looking forward to see this roc forteress and rest assured I will take many pictures (and hopefully post them for you to see when I get a pc access in Barcelona).

Now lets go and pack! At least I am sure my bag will not get lost as it will be in the cars trunk! :)




L_ombre_jaune says:
Yes! There is a luguage god! Que d'aventure en partant! Bon road trip! And don't forget... smoke too much, eat too much and drink too much! Et vive les vacances!
Posted on: Jul 14, 2007
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