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Castel of Queribus and the Pyrénées

After a good night of sleep and heavy breakfast we took a last walk within the walls of Carcassonne and packed our bags to hit the road through the Pyrénées.

Many interesting things to consider on the road.. 

º1: it is great to see that all the national roads in France have huge trees on both side of the street which is awesome to hide from the burning sun (again 36C) and makes the ride much more pleasant especialy when combined to A/C.

º2: there are old castles everywhere, beautiful ruins from the medieval days such as Queribus and yours trully has once again played kid kodak from the back seat of the Yaris.

º3: People traveling by car (other than us) are very impressive.

The Pyrénées view from our hotel
. they seem to be moving houses and not travelling as they pack so much stuff you cannot even see in their cars. They even have stuff on their car top that could fall out at any time... We took no risk and passed them via the left lane.. Then again, people here tend to pass from right left and center its a total free for all.. worst than the 40 on a trafic peek hour.

º4: The mountains are splendid and so are the roads, not one bump or crack. Its a super smooth ride and I whish I had my motorcycle as the tight curves would be great to ride on. I was thankfull I had not eaten right before this car ride as even my seat belt could not hold me down in place!

We finally got to our hotel at around 3pm and we got straight into the therapeutic baths to soak for 2 hours. The water is sulfuric here and is extremely good for the body.

Curch from Vernet les bains
When you get out of there, you are super wrinkled but feel extra light! I decided to try out a 30 minutes aqua gym class with my sister and it was really neet. It doesnt seem so hard but boy.. do these muscles get a work out!!

The rest of the day was spent walking aroung the village and having a good snack. That is where we got the chance to meet up with the locals from this region who have a very strong accent and bad temper at the first approach.. But after a few minutes of chatting and a few jokes, they crack a small smile!

The next day we packed again and this time to leave for Barcelona where I still am staying until tomorow (sniff). It is really an awesome place in my top favorite cities. 

 I LOVE TAPAS!!!! cant seem to get enough of them! =)



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Castel of Queribus and the Pyrén…
Castel of Queribus and the Pyrén…
The Pyrénées view from our hotel
The Pyrénées view from our hotel
Curch from Vernet les bains
Curch from Vernet les bains
photo by: Ann_Hells