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Yet an other adventure from yours trully... this one, not so funny!!

We had a great night out on the 6th and I was happy to meet an other chick from Montreal at the club we were at. The world is small and my great Quebec accent gaved me away =). We danced till late that night and we got home when the sun started to shine! I slept only a few hours as I wanted to get up early so I did not lose a minute of this great paradise and I had a surprise when I got up... On my left hand was a big bump.. The kind that hurts and is a nasty red and blue color...

There I am reminding myself of the last nights events and I cant seem to remember anything that could of caused this. This bump doesnt itch so its not a moskito.. It hurts and there is a tinny white dot that makes me beleive that there was/is a dart in my skin.   EWWWW unnone insect bite.. My brains starts spinning! For those of you who know me well and know I hate insects especially spiders, I start to panic slightly that this is what as snapped me.. I clean the bite and relax a little. I seem to feel fine and decide to just live with it as after all I am on vacation and this sort of things can happen!

I whent for my daily walk, breakfast near the beach an shopped a little. We then whent to the beach where I soaked up the sun for a few minutes and we then whent for lunch. As I am eating, I start feeling weird.. I feel extremely hot and my heart is pumping pretty hard.. Ok I did not sleep much the night before and maybe this is just related to the lack of sleep... But darn, I am really not feeling great.

I decide to pay close attention to what my boddie tells me and realise that my skin is starting to turn red everywhere. Ok.. this cant be the sun, I went only for a few minutes and had sunscreen on... Darn I think I am having a reaction to this insect bite!!! Or am I?? I will wait some more for a last sign and promise myself to go to the pharmacy if I have an other symptom. A few minutes later my hands and feets start feeling numb.. and my throat start swelling or I think it is as the air is not getting to my lungs very well!!!

Thats it.. I get up and go straight into the pharmacy where I explain my situation with English, French and gestures... The girl at the counter understands pretty fast, especially seeing my scarlet red color and hands me 3 products that I must use right now!

I get back to the beach and start reading the papers inside the medicine boxes. Great its all in Croatian. My mothers friend is nice enough to read everything for me and I start drinking this orange substance that has an sweet taste and wait. I start feeling really cold and hot at the same time and I wish I was in bed. I guess I really didnt look good as a few minuets later we left the beach and whent straight home.

I took a shower there and applied the medicated creme I was given and hopped in bed! Hot.. cold.. hot... darn it took me forever to fall asleep.. But once asleep ahhhh it felt great! I woke up a few hours later feeling much better, My breathing was back to normal, my skin almost back to its original color but I was still cold and hot at once. Those medicine really did the job and I was very thankfull for it!

I was also very thankfull to have my friend and his mother around as they took good care of me! It turns out I was bitten by a night insect (dont know the name) but it turns out pretty much everybody who gets bitten by this insects has a reaction.. I was just lucky to have a nicer reaction than others!

Lessons to be learned:

1- Stay away from night insects

2- If you dont feel good, dont wait, go to the pharmacy or doctors

3- Always have a person that reads and speaks Croatian with you... They dont have bilingual medicine descriptions here!!

Please know that I am totally back in shape now and will avoid any insects for the time being! =)


Consuela says:
je le sais meme pas!!! je te suggere de ne pas te promener la nuit dans les bois!!! ca devrais aller et tu gardera ta peau ;))
Posted on: Jan 22, 2008
xsebast says:
Comment s'appelle l'insecte Daniele? J'ai pas le gout d'y laisser ma peau l'été prochain...
Posted on: Jan 21, 2008
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