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What is a trip without a few weird adventures... I guess we were up for one on our way to Croatia with our 20hrs bus ride. I guess this posting can be benificial to some of you that plan to travel to Croatia (or any other country) by bus.

So here we are, after about 6hrs into our ride and we are granted by the bus driver a much appreciated break right next to the Italian border before crossing over. I intend to A) walk, as I cant feel my legs anymore B) eat, as I am running out of crackers and am totally in the mood for Mc Donalds and C) go to the bathroom, as the 1 litre of water I had must come out one day.

My friend translates me that we have a 1 h break (as the bus driver doesnt speak any English but only Croatian). Ohhh joy Ill get to do A,B and C and will not have to run to get back to the bus stressed out and we therefore proceed to our 3 letter plan.

It felt really great to relax as opposed to runing just like for the 2 previous breaks we were given and we return slowly to the location of the bus. It had not yet been 1h but my friend wanted to check out the bus to make sure all was good... Well, guess what!? NO MORE BUS!!!!

Ok.. this must be a joke my friend tells me! The bus must be somewhere?! They cant leave without making sure everyone was on the bus!? Or can they??? We start walking around in the parking searching for this darn blue bus but nothing.. It is really gone and our bags are in there and even worst... My friends passport is there too! I had mine in my purse but darn... With no passport how is he going to cross over?

My friend then starts dialing a few numbers and I can tell he is a bit unhappy... He explains (in Croatian) the situation to the person at the travel agency where the bus tickets where bought and demands that the bus comes back to get us... Tic tac tic tac, we wait.... More calls... and wait... The travel agency cant seem to reach the bus driver. We wait some more and my friend starts talking with a guy that is near the gas station and tells him what is happening to us, Incredible!! the guy is nice enough to drive us to the bus if we get to pass the borders (with one person on board that has no passport). We gladdly accept his offer, I mean what else can we do? Sleep here and let the bus head to Croatia with our bags?? I secretly cross my fingers and hope that we make it over to Italy without being checked out! And it works! Youppi!!! We only need to find the bus now! My friends makes more calls to the travel agency and informs them of our location, they have finally reached the bus driver and he is wating for us at a bus stop near an Aggip gas station! Easely enough the guy drives us there and we finally catch the bus back about 40 minutes later!! OUfff!!!

Lessons to be learned:

1- Make sure your friend hears properly what the bus driver said, 30 minutes vs 1h makes a big difference =)

2- Make sure to always keep eye contact with the bus, if you see it go... Run for it!

3- Never trust the bus driver or other people in the bus to notice you are not at your seat when the bus leaves.. They just dont seem to care..

4- Never leave your passport in the bus!

5- Always bring along the travel agencys phone number (but you might need lesson °6 as well for this one to work)

6- Learn the language of the bus driver and travel agency agent.. It will avoid you from having to go through all 5 lessons above!

Over all I have to say it was a funny experience, I was surprised to laugh it off even when we had no clue we would make it to Croatia but vacations have relaxed me so much that all I could do was laugh and laugh some more =). Bravo to my friend that kept his cool throughout the entire time and got us safe and sound back in the bus where I could of kicked the driver and people sitting near me! Lets just say that on my way back to Switzerland I made sure to follow the lessons 2-3-4 above.

the end! =)



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