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  Hello again family and friends and all of you who happen to be reading this admittedly free-form, odd Euro-blog.  I'm  writing to you from Florence, which is oddly difficult because the keyboard is Italian and has special keys for things like à, ù, è where these keys (', ., ?) should be.  But I think I've got it down.

   I bursted out of Amsterdam by way of my first European train ever, the first of many I will utilize on this excursion.  I first hopped a 2:30 train to Dusseldorf, Germany, which then connected me to Munich, and from Munich I went on to Florence.  The entire trek took about 18 hours, which could have been a long and boring ride.  But have no fear, summer travellers in Europe are never truly alone.  A met 3 guys sitting right near me on the first train, each going to different cities in Italy, but all doing on the same Dusseldorf-Munich-Italy trains as I was.  So we chatted a lot, ate a couple meals together, searched for bathrooms, played cards, etc.  They were very cool funny guys, one from San Diego, one from Mississippi, and one from Romania, and they made the trip a lot more enjoyable.

   So needless to say, I got into Florence quite tired and disoriented, but following some sage advice from a good friend of mine who is an expert traveller, I started walking in an attempt to look like I knew where I was going.  I did in fact know where I was going, as the blazing hot, 90 degrees at 9AM sun clearly marked which way was east.  Unfortunately, I got my map directions a bit confused and ended up turning a 5 minute walk into a 45 minute sauna.  But after some lunch (which included a very very very cold beer), a nap, a shower and a shave, and some laundry doing, I have begun to explore the city.  I have a very busy day tomorrow, as it will be my only full awake day that is not shabbat, so I plan to see everything I can: the bobili gardens, duomo, the old synagoge, the leather market, etc.  I will try to write to you all again before shabbat, but in case I don't get a chance, I shall talk to you next from Rome in a couple days.  Arrivederci!!!

bshafrin says:
happy shabbat!
say hi to the italians for me. tell them I enjoy their cuisine. and then drink a pitcher of sangria.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
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