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   I sit before you, oh faithful readers, having returned to London a new and better Scott.  After completing what I can only describe as a  wonderfully trying, intensely fun, exhiliratingly exhausting 2 1/2 weeks of solo travel around Europe, I am back here to round off my 5 weeks of world travel with a Shabbat spent with good friends, home cooked (or rather apartment cooked) food, and most likely a whole lot of story telling.  I will be honest, when I was last here, preparing to set out on my own, I was more terrified than I have ever been in my life.  I spent the entire night before, the Monday morning flight, and that afternoon, worried out of my mind at everything that could go wrong, from muggin to lost hostel reservation to sudden, massive heart attack, and I almost backed out.  Several times seriously thought it would be worth the financial blow and personal humiliation to admit defeat and go back to where I felt safe.  Partially my own unwaveringly stubborn nature, to which my parents can attest, pushed me through.  But moreso than that, it was one Sharai Landesberg.  Everytime I was scared out of my mind, doubting myself, struggling to contain all the frightening possibilities, it was Sharai who assured me that I would be fine, that I would have an amazing time, that nothing would go wrong and if it did, I could handle it.  I didn't really believe her then, but I do now.  Thanks to her patience, persistent pushing, and perfect recommendations, I experienced how vast and intricate this world can be.  I owe her so much that I will never be able to repay; she is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and i have her to thank for all of these experiences.
   Sorry for the rant, but I felt it more than necessary.  In more practical news, we went running some errands today that both Sharai and I needed to get accomplised, as we are both leaving the country within the next 5 days; a bit of walking around, some great dumplings, a lechee and pinaple drink, last minute chotchkie buying...all the usual end of trip stuff.  Tonight we're cooking a shabbat dinner with some friends, and then either going to this free outdoor play or meeting up with people to hang out at some other as yet undecided location.  Tomorrow, we're headed around London, probably back to Borough Market, some museums, a little relaxing/reading/Sharai doing work in the afternoon, and then probably meeting people for dinner and drinks and a last great hurrah before heading back to the states.  I will probably write one last entry with details on the last days in London and reflect on being home, where I can talk to most of you live and not via blog.  So sad that travel is ending; it was a brief explosive moment that has left a noticable mark on my consciousness, and, i hope, no i'm sure, made me a better person.

Shabbat Shalom l'kulam,
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