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So I tried to post an entry before and it didnt work, so this will be slightly abbreviated, as i hate retyping things.  But ask me more about the first half of Rome, and I will give you all the stories (there are many).  The first day, sunday, i met a guy from philadelphia at my hostel, and we met up with some spaniards at the spanish steps.  A bit ironic, but very cool.  They were great and it was so refreshing to speak spanish all day for the first time in a while.  We checked out the pantheon, and the trevi fountain, which were incredible.  I also met up with an argentinian and talked politics with her all night, which was a bit of a strain on my spanish vocabulary but incredibly interesting.

I went to bed early, because mon morning, my friend (ryan) and I went early to the vatican.  I kid you not, we were there for 11 hours.  The wait in the AM wasnt so bad, only about 2 hours and most of it we were just sitting and waiting for the museum to open and chatting with other people.  The museum was huge and amazing and we had to go through 2x, as the first time we bolted through to get to the Sistine Chapel.  It was incredible.  The more I looked at Michaelangelo's frescos and the last judgement, the more enthralled i became.  everywhere it looked like things were popping off the walls 3 dimensionally, where they were really just paint.  And his mastery of the human form is something awesome to behold.  The funniest part was that a random jewish woman from NY saw my kippah, and wanted to have a theological discussion, Jew to Jew, and then tried to recruit me to work at her synagogue when she found out i was a rabbinical student, saying that i was a delightful young man.

Afterwards, we got some lunch and headed to st peters.  We saw all the major art, including the Pieta, which was breathtaking, and then climbed to the top of the Dome.  551 steps later (Dad you would have absolutely hated it) we could see down into the whole cathedral and watched some of the afternoon\evening mass, and caught a view from the top of all of Rome in 360 degrees.  What a magnificent city.

Today was Tesha B'av, which basically meant a lot of reading, no eating, and a ton of sleep, which i really needed.  And even though the crazy brazilians in my room woke me at an ungodly hour, i still managed to get through the day and have a scruptious meal in the with tuna, onion and tomato and creme caramel, just delicious (to quote a certain Nonny).

Tomorrow i plan to go to the jewish section and see the old synagogue.  I already ran into a random kosher pizza place near trevi fountain, which was hilarious and i took a pic.  I'll try to write again on thursday before I leave Italy and head to Nice for Shabbat.  Mmmmmm....french wine I'm such a Jew.  Anyways, good night my dears, and have a pleasant week!!!!

doc4cn says:
Sounds like a great time-I'm jealous. Be sure to have some chianti and a caprese salad with that great Italian cheese. Cant wait for your next update, even better than Jokes From Shaf. Dad
Posted on: Jul 25, 2007
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