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   So here we are folks, its my last night in paris.  Its about 2am, and ive spent all night going out and drinking with various cool people from my hotel, and in a moment we're gonna play some pool.  Today, I went to the Louvre, which was amazing.  I saw incredible works of art, including the Mona Lisa, the Raft of the Medusa, the Venus D'Milo, various Egyptian artifacts, and my personal favorite, Hammurabi's Code of Law (it was pretty impressive to see something ive studied so much, the first logical and extensive legal code, over 3000 years old, displayed for all to see)

   After some casual strolling, I finally got to Angelina's, another amazing place recommended by my dear sweet friend Sharai.  In case u are wondering, they do indeed have the greatest hot chocolate in the word.  I have had it and it's like drinking liquid happy mixed with peace.  I also had a chocolate sponge cake topped with chocolate mousse, chocolate frosting and a layer of chocolate.  It was incredibly chocolatey adn rich and wonderful.  Tonight, I met up with some new people and we wandered back to Montparnasse and had ourself a marvellous dinner with some great wine.  And now im here, writing about my adventures to all of you, who have mostly just begun your evenings.  Sadly the trip is winding down, and my next entry will be back in London, where i'm exerting my last travelling energies before flying out on sunday...only 3 days away.  Ah how i do love to travel...


bshafrin says:
i don't know about BEST hot chocolate. i make a pretty mean swiss miss myself.
who is craving a pitcher of sangria. and may have one myself after this day at the office.
Posted on: Aug 02, 2007
bonshaf says:
It seems like you have been able to discover the Shafrin passion for travel while you experienced your five star wandering through Europe. Even better you have found a true passion for living within yourself. Savor every last moment of this amazing journey. Say 'hi' to Sharai for us (we ran into her mom and sister at the Chancery) and have a safe trip back to LA. We love and miss you.
Guess who-
Posted on: Aug 02, 2007
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