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   Well, my readers, i have sad news.  Most relavantly for you all, I just wrote an incredible narrative about monday night, my first night in Paris, describing the amazing experience that was the Eiffel tower.  Unfortunately, the internet decided to delete it, so you're all stuck with the standard blow-by-blow.  In other sad news, my digital camera of many years has passed on.  The lens stopped working while I was in Nice, and it looks to be unfixqble.  All my pics are ok, but I feqr my pqris photos will be sub pqr qs i hqd to buy a shitty disposable camera.

   In any case, Monday I met a couple Americazns at my hotel and we've been travelling around.  We went up to Montparnasse and had delicious crepes, toured around an antiques flea market, and, after a brief rest, went to the Eiffel Tower.  IT was incredible, and we timed it perfectly.  We got there around 830pm, so we could see it in bright daylight.  The sun was setting while we were in line, and right before we got on the elevator, they turned on the lights; which sparkle all over the Tower for the first 10 mins of the hour during the night.  Going up in the tower was unbelievable.  Seeing all of Paris lit up, spanning such a vast area, and being soooooo high and far above it all was beyond description (although the one i jsut wrote that was deleted was pretty good...grumble, grumble).  Afterwards, we wandered around to the Champs Elysee and saw the Arc d'triumph, which was also amazing.  We then got some dinner, qnd got back to the hotel around 230;

   Yesterday, after a little bit of a late start, we went to Notre Dame (the cathedral, not my Nonny's favorite school).  IT was really incredible and there was a free guided tour which we were just in time for.  After that, one of my friends had a craving for fondue, and suggested the Latin quarter for lunch, claiming to be familiar with the area.  About an hour and a half later, we com to the Latin quarter (having been lost several times) and came to find that nearly all the restaruants there were closed ciesta-style, so we settled for some grocery-store take out and a bottle of wine, both of which were surprisingly delicious.  Reenergized, we set of for Versailles, which we found quite easily.  Unfortunately, all of our wandering for fondue got us to versailles just as it was closing.  So we touerd the outside, learned about the architecture, wandered throught the gardens, and then left.

   The highlight of the day was definately Montmarte, which we went to in the evening.  We climbed the steps up to the top of the hill, where Sacre Coer is, and there were tons of people sitting just outside enjoying the view, playing music and singing, eating, drinking and having a great time.  After a little bit, we got up and walked around the area, which was ful of adorable little bistros, artists sketching people's faces, piano bars, and other amazing night life sites.  We had another scrumptious dinner, then made our way back to Sacre Coer to while the night away with the people there.

   Today, we plan to hit the Louvre, the Bastille, and a number of other cool sites.  My Paris travelling buddies, sadly, are leaving early in the evening, and i will be left to find my own way on my last night in Paris, the last city of my tour.  It's very odd to think i will be home in 5 days.  I've become so used to travelling around, meeting new people everyday, seeing amazing sights, and eating wonderfully different foods.  I wonder how I'll adjust to being back in the real world of study, with people i know and love, sleeping in my bed, staying in one place for more than a few days at a time...it'll be interesting to sqy the least.  I'm certainly not as ready to head home as i thought i would be, or even as i was a week ago in another country, when it seemed i still had so many more stops to make.  Food for thought...

Until we meet again friends!

~ Scott

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