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   I was talking to my parents yesterday, assuring them I was alive and well and briefly cathing them up on the trip happenings, and I commented that perhaps I crammed to much into this trip.  5 weeks of travelling is a long time, and I've already been travelling over half of it.  To travel for 2 more weeks completely alone seemed a little daunting like i might wear myself out.  But as i went online just now, and looked through all the emails, web posts, greetings, facebook-wall-writings, i felt incredibly encrouaged and it made me just relax, realize how much i have seen and how much more there is yet to see just on this one journey.  And I am not alone; as sappy as it is, everyone i care about I bring along, and not a minute goes by where i dont see something that someone I know would really appreciate, and I want to share it with them.  So I've been taking lots of pictures, buying a few chochkies, in the hopes that I can bring what has sofar been an amazing experience home for you all to share in and for me to remember.
   Today was pretty much a whirlwind.  Having sated myself on one of the best dinner of my life the night before, I awoke with energy and proceeded across the river to the Boboli Gardens.  They were so much more massive than I had anticipated and walking through them, I could not imagine the work that must have gone into creating the sculpture and landscaping over 500 years ago.  Then, I continued to Catedral di Santa Croce, which was breathtaking, both outside and in.  The coolest thing there is the tombs of famous italians.  There's Dante and Galileo and Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci and was amazing.  I didnt get as many pics as i wanted (my battery died) but the one's i have are stunning.
   After a battery charge and some lunch, i went to the Galeria di la Academi to see the sculpture of David.  No pics allowed, and an immensely long wait, but there are great things inside.  Then I went over to the Duomo and the Catedral di Santa Maria del Fiore, and both are spectacular.  The artistry is amazing in a way words cannot fully capture.
   Well friends, it is getting late, and i need to get myself set for Shabbat.  I hope everyone enjoys there weekends, and I'll see you all in Roma.  Shabbat Shalom chaverim!!!
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photo by: Vikram