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Made it to Bratislava today and it was a balmy 33 degrees when I arrived, which was heaven after the weather that Ireland was getting before I left. After I grabbed my luggage, which took an amazingly long time in coming, I wandered outside looking for my taxi driver who was meant to be picking me up. Mysteriously enough there was no taxi driver waiting for me, so I grabed one outside at the rank, at double to price. He was friendly enough and started to fill me in on all the bars and clubs that he DJ'd at.

I arrived at the Penzion and was greeted by the mother of the owner, who speaks nae a word of english but was still very helpful,  and after fumbling our way though checking in I managed to dump my stuff in my room which for the price I'm paying is good value, it's clean, large and has it's own ensuite. A luxury over here apparently. I decided to freshen up a bit before heading into town and getting the lay of the land, but unfortuntly and to my great dismay I discovered that my suitcase was broken and the zip stuck. After trying for an hour to get it unstuck I finally gave in and decided to break the zip so that  at least I'd have a change of clothes.

Afterwards I wandered into Town. The old part is beautiful in a crumbling faded would have been amazing at it's height type of way. I just spent the past 3 hours wandering down the streets and finding my way around. I stopped for lunch in a little place on Obchodna St, which I was a bit wary of at first but I was pleasntly surprized. The waiter had told me they only served ready-made meals so I was expecting cardboard but instead it was more then half decent. If that is what they consider ready-made then it's no wonder they are all so thin. I've only seen I over weight person since I arrived and they definitly weren't European.

After another bit of wandering I managed to find this internet cafe and decided to check up on the world or at least my small part of it. So here I am writing this thing.

One final note I should mention is that while I was writing a huge rain storm just broke out and the rain is so loud that I can't even hear the music playing in the backround. I'm hoping it's meant to clear up tomorrow.



Chokk says:
Good luck with the rest of the trip - I would love to go Bratislave and I think I will do so before the end the year. I hope you got a new suitcase:D
Posted on: Jun 24, 2007
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