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Barcelona is the synopsis  for Antonio Gaudi architecture.  The city was his sandbox, his to be what he pleased. This was the golden age for Barcelona’s rise to architectural prominence in Europe.  We Americans like to think that Art Nuevo started in the states, nope, not true.  Barcelona is known for it’s beautiful nude beaches but really babes on beaches- any/everywhere is fine, babes at a mud hole- I would visit.  Barcelona to me is the expression in glass work, antiques, art Nuevo style one finds at every street corner of the old town.  Nuevo era rose I think from Victorian.  Maybe wrong here but when I think Victorian, I think bulky building blocks.

Lines were not defined by cleanliness but of form, like pillars, steeps of roofs, door entries, windows, etc…  yet the building material was heavy, bulky look to it. Art Nuevo took one to a more dreamy expanse, floral patterns became narrower and more lavish. Architecture had more freedom of space. Doors,windows, bearing pillars became incorporated  within the design.  From my little knowledge and the audio player one receives when you buy the ticket, Gaudi made a point of having no defining lines,  surpassing  the current forms associated with Art Nuevo. The pictures are what I saw. Do a google image search and you find better photos.
Barcelona is the capitol of Catalonia. The people of Spain, maybe not all provinces but Catalonia are very protective of their region.
People from Catalonia province fly their respective flags and often not the Spanish.  I heard many times the language of Catalonia being spoken. I was told that Catalonians understand Spanish but use their mother tongue to answer people when someone speaks Spanish to them.  We English speakers have it easier, the competition of local versus national is strong. There is tension and taxes are the continuous ignition switch: whenever the royal family is on tv, Catalonians feel this as a drain of their taxes, they speak openly of their disdain. They’d separate in a minute, be a distinct country but part of the EU. That is the big issue, part of the EU.  I have said this before and thank god to be pleased to meet so many Catalonian women- their smile is a lightning bolt to the heart.
The women come in all shape and sizes, no doubt they’re not all run way models but all have this huge smile. Simply put women in Barcelona smile more than anywhere else I want to say, plus they have this animation of arm flaring and facial expressions. Barcelona is cool, and maybe it is the Catalonia spirit in the people but there is a huge are always competing against Madrid, of course the political but also in every aspect: tourism, art, money, Football.  People are passionate with no reservation. 
The chocolate is somewhat renown in Barcelona. Many chocolatiers line the street. The hot chocolate is amazing, it is as the whole cup is two thirds melted chocolate, a little milk and a heavy dousing of wip cream. It can get expensive, like 4.
5 euro =$6-7 with a few biscuits. I have had it as low as $4 US in another cafe.  Very yummy if you come to Barcelona it is a must have. 
I couch surfed with a British, he’s a Spanish  Civil War Historian. Love passionate people, he was heading back to England the day I was leaving and unfortunately I caught him during his busy part of the week- Tuesday through Thursday (long weekends are sweet!!)So the historian part we really didn’t have time to discuss. He is a wealth of knowledge and from what I gather he has rewritten maybe 8 Spanish books dealing with the Civil War. He is the local source for the BBC and other media.  I like a lot of the ideas he said about the future. He believes people will start scaling back, I hope he is right.
I can see this, it has happened before in history. A backlash of current technology, but in the end- CD trumps cassette.  This may be different, we see.  I can imagine people rejecting technology in fear of a coming world catastrophe. I can see young people learning how to preserve fruit and veggies, making their own clothes, building a community one house at a time. But in a world where monetary success depends on technology, it will be difficult to participate in both. Strangely ironic, people are betting the populace will destroy themselves, this bet leads to people investing heavily in metals and agriculture stocks, commodities. If we are on a doomsday collision then the markets in themselves will be useless as money will be replaced with bartering so we have the irony.
  This is the good stuff I get from couch surfing. People all have some amazing perspectives. I enjoy learning from people, there seems no wrong answer when we discuss philosophy of life.  The fun is, we are all right, all wrong and somewhere in the middle will be the likely path. His wife is Catalonian, big smile, and a lovely woman.  Both were very busy but the first full day in Barcelona she took me on a tour of the lovely city. Bless her heart, she took me from one end to the other of the old city. Old Barcelona is situated and facing the mountains, The seaside was always second cookie until the Olympics came to Barcelona and the city realized what a cash cow the beaches are.   Coming to Barcelona in January, the wrong season to enjoy the beach, it would be difficult to choose a city… that beautiful Catalonian smile and art of Gaudi versus all the hidden gems and 50+ museums of Madrid.
Who knows but once again I found beauty and I am happy. 
After Barcelona I went to Fuegers to the Dali museum. Good, at best. Most of his remarkable art is in remarkable museums. I dig these cut outs he did- this I hadn’t seen and think maybe to use the idea later in something whatever I do in the future. I took oodles of pics of the life size cut outs.  After that I went through the Pyrenees , through snow storms to Andorra.  Next Andorra and France to Lyon.

brettjayhawk says:
Very interesting can't wait to visit this summer!
Posted on: Feb 02, 2011
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