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Playa Carazilillo

Ok, we haven't written anything for a while partly due to us being lazy and partly due to there being little to tell, but here goes.

Before we started at the orphanage, we were spending pretty much every day at the beach with a guy we met called Justin from holland. We spent the majority of our time at the beach doing two things. Firstly we would spend hours attempting to body check waves, which would literally smash us all over the place to the amusement of Angela and everyone else on the beach. Secondly, we would discuss our new gang that we had started. Angela refused to be impressed by our gang but I could tell secretly that she wanted to be in it. Unfortunately, Puerto Escondido almost has as many Germans as Mexicans in it including one German volunteer at the orphange who is not only one of the ugliest people I have ever seen but also seems to be the devil!!! Anyway there was one German who stood out from the crowd. This wiry, hairy man insisted on wearing trunks all day every day. He became a legend in the hostal and although none of us ever spoke to him, he was given the tag of 'The Hoff' and was immediately made the leader of our gang. Me, Ange and Justin didn't stop laughing for about an hour whilst watching him attempting to surf, it took him about an hour just to get out to where the waves were and then he kept trying to stand up when there wasn't a wave. You kind of had to be there but I assure you it was a brilliant scene.

At the orphanage, we have still continued to paint every minute we are there but we have started to bond with the children and they are all really sweet. On Monday a five day old baby was brought to the orphange as it had been abandoned in a bar at midnight the previous night. It was tiny but incredibly beautiful and we couldn'tstop staring at it. He had no name and my suggestion to call it Jim Jnr seemed to fall on deaf ears. Unfortunately the next day he had left so I was unable to get a picture, but I find it unbelievable that someone can just leave a baby like that in a bar. My sister Kate, looked like a clingon from Star Trek when she was born so I could have understood her being left somewhere, but such is life, my parents decidfed to keep her. The last couple of days I have had my camera with me at work and a lot of the photos on this site were taken by the kids. They love the camera and my iPod and two of them spent a while listening to 'teach yourself spanish' on it and found it very funny.  They are really fun and today we actually took a break and played games and football with them, I have started to teach a couple of the young ones the Jimmy Masters Powershot, but they're going to have to train very hard. We had not heard the smallest boy Jose speak in over two weeks until yesterday, but he has started to open upĀ“and loves to play games although he still won't let us take his picture. I know it's bad to have a favourite kid, but both of us adore an eleven year old lad called Nico, who is one of the funniest people I have ever met. He always looks mischievious and loves to mess about. He continues to speak to us in Spanish as quickly as possible knowing full well that I can't understand him although Angela does a good job of translating most of the time. It is weird that although I don't particurly enjoy painting and not getting paid for it, I will be sad to leave and I will miss all of the kids and I am sure that Angie feels the same way.

Everyday when we finish work we go to the shop and then make ourselves chorizo, cheese, avocado and tomato sandwiches, which are amazing and then we spend our afternoons either by the pool or having a siesta. In the evenings we always go out for a meal and have become regulars at an Italian restaurant with a really good chef, who always makes us little freebies, like free fish soup last night which was superb.

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Playa Carazilillo
Playa Carazilillo