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Its been a while since we last let anyone know what we have been up to and this time there is quite a lot to tell so I am sorry if any of this bores you.

After spending most of our time on the beach for the first week of our trip we decided to go on an hour long boat trip with four girls we met to see turtles and possibly some dolphins. This of course was not cheap and we had to part with 250 pence each! Anyway it wasn't long before we sighted a group of 3 or 4 dolphins and caught up with them. At this point our guide Roberto said that we could swim with the dolphins and just to jump in. Myself and another girl peeled off our t shirts and within 10 seconds we had lowered ourselves into the water. Unfortunately, dolphins are quite quick and we had to then clamber back out of the water as they were now about 200 meters away. Back on the boat we were soon catching the dolphins again and the opening scenes from Baywatch were going through my mind...this time I would be ready! When we got right next to the dolphins, I dived just like The Hoff himself and glided into the water! However, it transpires that my dive was maybe not as smooth as I had maybe thought and my impact with the water had scared the dolphins away. From then on I watched the dolphins with Angie from inside the boat. We also saw huge Sea Turtles and a small boy on the boat called Chico quite impressively jumped in the water and brought one close to us so that we could see it properly. Back from our trip we decided to go into town with a couple of people we met at our hostel and taste the local tequilla. I just about made it into our room at 5 the next morning feeling a little worse for wear, but then what do you expect when you're paying about 1.50 for a shot far bigger than a british double (Some were served in wine glasses).

On thursday we spent 13 hours on a bus overnight to a city called San Cristobal which is very different from the place we are staying. We went there for the Mexican Independance Day Festival but unfortunately both of us began to get ill whilst walking around the millions of market stalls which Angie loved of course! This illness did ruin our trip and the festival a bit for us and I have only just eaten for the first time since friday morning, which anyone who knows me will know meant that I was pretty close to death. By the way we are both just about feeling better now, touch wood.

On monday morning, both of us feeling weak, hungry, sick and dehydrated we made our way to the orphanage terrified due to our lack of Spanish and their lack of English. When we arrived we were made to relax and were greeted warmly by the owners who reacted fantastically to the mass of gifts we had brought for the kids. We then spent the rest of the day getting to know the kids and playing lots of fun games with them before they grouped around us to say goodbye for the day. How lovely, although this is a lie, we actually were met and greeted within about 5 minutes with little appreciation for the presents we brought. We were not even introduced to the children but were given heavy paint rollers and made to paint a white wall white for the rest of the day with very little contact from anyone. Today, with their trust gained we did the same until our arms could no longer move and with even less human contact! We look forward to tomorrows fun and games.

Even with this latest series of events we are still both having a great time and are more than happy to be here.

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