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Paris, Paris. So good they named it twice.

Yes, I took the TGV from Lille at a reasonable hour and it took exactly an hour to get there. There's technology for you. Yes France, your economy is stagnating, you are actually considering voting in a woman who will increase the strength of trade unions and make it harder to fire people and make it harder for people who work hard to earn more money but you sure can build trains.

I didn't couchsruf this time, instead I took a hotel, for three days, near to the Gare du Nord. It was quite nice. There was an internet cafe nearby and there was always something interesting going on. I hit the tourist trail pretty hard and quickly - I was most impressed by La Defence, mainly because there were so many people there. I was also amused by the french insistence, that even though I only wanted a sandwich for lunch, I had to choose a dessert aswell, even though I didn't want one, I had to have one, because those were the rules.

Damn this heat! Far too hot for Spring. Unfortunately, the weather stays pretty much the same.

Hasta la vista Paris. Be warned. I'll be back.
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photo by: Sweetski