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I had the flight to Madrid booked for Sunday the 4th of March at 8:00 in the morning in Schiphol....insane i know! Since the train was around 5:30 in the morning i decided not to sleep and went out partying with some spanish friends that were visiting me for the weekend. At 3:30 i said goodbye to them, went home, took a shower, put on the suit and went to the train station. I arrived at Schiphol on time, did the check in really quickly - advantages of having a first class ticket :-) - and went to the Iberia lounge (another advantage) and waited for the flight to Madrid.

I went to Madrid since there are no direct flights to Bogota, so there i was on my way to Barajas - Madrid airport! I arrived and had only one hour between flights so i really needed to hurry up.

...went from one terminal to another using the metro system without any problems, but then a big problem came up. Customs had like 7 officers working to check the passports but we were more then 350 people!!!! I really thought that i was going to miss the flight....because they were so slow....must be a spanish thing ;-)

I made it just in time....took my seat in the first class and before taking off i was enjoying a nice glass of champagne.

11 hours later I was landing in El Dorado airport…I had a really nice flight that allowed me to arrive fresh and ready to explore a bit of Bogota. I would have someone waiting for me from the Colombian police to take me to the hotel but also to show me around.

After go trough Customs (without any problems) there he was. We exchange some words in English and after we started to communicate in Spanish.

He was a really nice guy and we get along quite well.

After the hotel checking in (this hotel was located inside a military complex and was reserved to the Officers of the Army Forces and Police (I felt really important J) we went out to the city to do some sightseeing.

My friend took me to the hills (since Bogota has big hills on the north part) to have a better view from the city and to have a typical drink called Canelazo (is a hot drink prepared with aguadepanela, cinnamon and aguardiente).

The view was breath taking!

After this we went for a ride in the city and decided to have dinner at one of  the many places available. We stayed outside since it was a lovely evening and I had some typical Colombian food (don’t ask me because I don’t remember the name) and was drinking Heineken (scary I know…I mean there I was on the other side of the world drinking dutch beer). After a great evening my friend took me to the hotel since I had to get up at 7:00 because I wanted to start working the next day around 8:00 (14:00 in the Netherlands), and if I run into some problems I would need to call my colleagues for some help.

After sleeping like a baby (no wonder, since I only slept for a couple of hours on the plain), I got up fresh and ready to perform a good work. At 8:00 I was been picked up by my friend and he took me to the Colombian Intelligence Services building, to the Colombian National Unit and after being introduced to the rest of the team I started to fix the problem with the faulty device.

After half hour work I was done. All that traveling for a 30 minutes job!!! Oh well....after that my friend and me went to the center of Bogota and allowing me to visit a bit more of the city. We drive around for a bit and stopped in the center of the city. I visited the Plaza De Bolivar – where the Presidential Building is located, visited a few other places downtown and before we no it it was lunch hour. My friend took me to a typical Colombian restaurant and we had another typical dish Ajiaco (It’s a type of soup made of chicken, potatoes, and flavored with a locally grown herb called "guasca". Traditionally, cream and capers are added just before eating. Both soups are served with white rice, salads with a hint of lemon, avocado, or plantain chips, sweet or salty). We eat, drink and talk a bit more and to finish a great lunch it was mandatory to drink Colombian coffee….and it’s definitely worth to drink it….Juan Valdez of course!

After lunch we went back to the Colombian Intelligence Services Building to say goodbye to my friend colleagues and in the meantime I was introduced to a bunch of General’s, Commanders and to the Director of the CIS (Colombian Intelligence Services).

After all this my friend took me back to the airport and while I was waiting I did some shopping. We said goodbye to each other and I went into the plane for another 11 hours to Madrid and 2 and half more to Amsterdam.

Funny fact: one euro is worth 2640 colombian pesos



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photo by: caliphil007