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In the airport. I'm a little skeptical about our upcoming America West flight (and for good reason).
Seriously, I do. I have never had a good experience with them. Let me tell you why.

John and I are sitting at John Wayne Airport in Irvine waiting for our flight to Vegas when I realize he's booked us tickets on America West. "America West?! Are you insane?!" I cry. "They're the worst airline in the world! I swore a blood oath* I would never fly them again!" He assures me my bad experience was a one-time fluke, and I bet him that our flight will be delayed as a result of America West incompetence. Needless to say, I won the bet. Not only was our flight cancelled and combined with another, later flight for no apparent reason, our return flight is also delayed and our friends flying separately on an earlier America West flight almost had their bags taken away because America West forgot how much room they had available to give. Even still, it was better than the time we were stuck in Arizona in record heat with the air conditioner broken because America West lost our flight information, or the time they made us sit on the plane for three hours with no AC until we ran out of gas, lost our place in line for take-off, and had to cancel the flight and keep us in town overnight with no offers to compensate us for the hotel, or the time...I can't continue. America West makes me too angry. I hate them, and you should never, ever fly them even if your beloved is dying on the other side of the country and America West is the only airline that can get you there. Don't do it. You'll regret it, I swear.

*Hyperbole. I didn't actually swear a blood oath.
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In the airport. Im a little skept…
In the airport. I'm a little skep…
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