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We had started going down the road into the desert during the night time so we hadn't actually seen the surroundings. We stayed in a tiny hostel called Sahara and there was no shower, the toilet was only a hole in the ground and communal for the whole hostel. It was for Moroccans only I guess we hadn't seen any tourists since we left Asni. That night we went to a bar by the side of the road in front of the hostel and ordered some chicken (it was the only thing available) and the American television was playing on a small screen. 5 cats came to ask for food and were very persistent they climbed on the chairs and scratched on my sleave. Then a little kid came out with a broom and chased them down the street.
America is so anti-arab but I feel that they like America more in Morocco than in Europe.

Next day we went down the road and came across our first oasis town. There was a starving dog on the place where we stopped we gave him some bread but he was so skinny he could hardly eat it. We walked more into the town and some women cae out to see us, but none of them spoke French. We walked around all the houses and saw all kinds of animals and then the oasis.
strangely it was completely overcast in the morning and then suddenly all the cloud went away and it was a very blue sky.
As we left the town and continued we saw a kind of castle or fortification that was at the edge of the town. I never figured out what it was but it was really huge.
As we entered the province of Tazenahkt there was a big gate or I don't know what it was. Sort of a doorway just to mark the province changing.
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Agadir Touksous
photo by: Ann_Hells
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