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Old house, now abandoned
Driving through Amazer we saw an old house that looked like a medieval castle and stopped to take a look. Since we had stopped we also looked for a place where we could have something to drink. There was a coca cola sign by a group of young men sitting around talking. My father asked them in French if the bar was open, There was only one who knew French but he didn't really give us a response he told us to follow him. He led us up a small dirt path that climbed up the hill on which the town sits. We thought the whole time he was taking us to a bar that was open, but we ended up at his house where his mother and sister greeted us and prepared some mint tea and jam.
He told us his name was Ritga, but I probably spell it wrong. He had two younger brothers who were both very shy and hardly ever talked to us.
The family we met.
Ritga told us that his father works in Marrakech every summer and that he would be going to the city the following day. Since we had to go back as well we offered to take him and his brother along.
Meeting this boy was a fortunate asset into our understanding of the lives of these people, because he studied French at the university he could speak rather understandably to my father when he asked about the police. On the roads they had been stopping many cars, but when they saw that we were Europeans they would let us go past without stopping. We asked Ritga why this was.
He told us that the police of Morocco are corrupt, they work with a sort of mafia. They often stop cars and busses full of Moroccans and make up an infraction even if they were driving without doing anything wrong.
Then they don't let the car leave untill they have paid. he also said that sometimesthe police came into the houses and took what they want.
They don't stop Europeans for obvious reasons, bad for tourism and they could get busted from another government. The Moroccan government doens't do anything about it, I'm not sure if it is because they can't or if they are in on it too.
We ate lunch of chicken with vegetables and couscous, and a chopped salad that reminded me of pico de gallo without the spice.
After lunch it was really hot so Ritga told us that to keep cool they take a shower and then take a nap. So that's what we did until 4:30 when we left for the car and planned to be back to pick them up the following morning.
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Old house, now abandoned
Old house, now abandoned
The family we met.
The family we met.
photo by: Ann_Hells