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Along the road we found an old house that was in ruins. We stopped the car and took the time to go exploring to the house and the mountain. The house was very poorly planned because it was built on a cliff and some of the rocks that had been support for it had fallen and caused the house to be unstable and also fall. The roof was all peeling apart. Some of the house had been made by carving into a rock and using the mountain itself as walls. We found segments of the mountain that had bricks cemented to it and an area that had been carved out into a rectangular sort of room. We found the area where some stairs used to be and climbed down them into a sort of basement but it is now outdoor since the roof and two walls have fallen away. Afterwards we went a little bit down into the valley by way of a very steep rock, there are no paths to climb a mountain you just pick one and climb whichever way you want.

I heard a cat but it was too far away and i couldn´t reach it, it was very sad it kept yelling and i wanted to give it some bread. from  a certain point we could see that there had been other houses built on the mountain and they were all in very bad comdition with a bunch of walls missing and just completely unstable. i guess people didn´t plan the building site very well.

After this we reached a town where we bought some very good plums and oranges. An old lady came asking for money and we tried to give her some almonds, but she didn´t have any teeth so I gave her my yogurt.

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photo by: Ann_Hells
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