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Sarajevo Day 2:

Went on a great tour today of Sarajevo. One of the guys who runs the
hostel took us out to three sites. First we stopped at what is left of the
tunnel that ran under the airport that they used to keep Sarajevo alive during
the siege. It was 800 meters long, there is 60 meters still around that you
can walk through. There was also a little museum set up where we watched a
video about the siege. There was a mortar stuck in the cement right in front
of the tunnel. When mortars hit the ground they leave these marks on that
look like a flower. They call them here Sarajevo Roses. Around town they
have taken red paint and painted some of these red where people had died
from the mortar strikes. After the museum we went up to the Jewish Cemetery
where the Serbian snipers were positioned. They had a commanding view of what was
dubbed “Sniper Alley.” Our guide gave us a good talk about the siege; he
lived here during it. We finished the tour with a commanding view over
Sarajevo. Today was a cloudy dark, dreary day, perfect for where we are
and the subject matter we learned about. After the tour we walked down to
the bridge where Franz Ferdinand was shot, then down to the Hilton where
all the foreign journalist stayed during the siege. It is so surreal to walk
down “Sniper Alley” and see all the Sarajevo Flowers on the ground and
bullet holes all over the walls of all the buildings. After the sun went down
it started to rain, perfect weather for ending the evening in Sarajevo.
All of us staying the hostel went out to a Thai restaurant for some dinner.
Tomorrow we are off to Belgrade with a few of our roommates and then
off to Budapest. If you have the chance to come over to this city, due it
before it is completely rebuilt.

This is Judge saying goodnight from Sarajevo
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photo by: herman_munster