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Sarajevo To Belgrade: 

Just passed into Serbia & Montenegro, this has been another long bus
The day started off with an early rise to make the bus. The hostel
arranged a ride out to the bus station for the five of us. It started to snow
when we arrived at the bus station; the hills that surround Sarajevo had a
light dusting of snow on the bellow the cloud line. We ran into a bunch of
snow in the mountains along the way. Got out and tossed a few snowballs!
We decided to head to Belgrade a few days back, and a group of us have
banded together to head there. We will all end up in Budapest this
weekend. Which we have heard has protests planned for the weekend. Could make
for some great footage!! Talked to a guy that was there a month back when
they had some going on and he said it wasn’t too bad as long as you were
not on the frontlines in the thick of it all. Plus it was in a small section
of the city. As for Belgrade I am not sure what there is to see there, but I
can add another country to my list. We finally got another stamp in our
passports!! Had to wait at the border for a good 20 minutes though.
Having a hard time writing this; the roads are so bad here! We are riding in an
old East German bus, so that is not helping either. I’m going to sign off
for now and finish this up later.

We are in Belgrade now, this city is a thriving metropolis. We were
all expecting a city much like Sarajevo. Colin and our Canadian travel
friends are staying in a guest house and our Australian friend is in the hostel
we could not get into but he had already booked a bed. It is quite cold
here, all of us are not really prepared for this cold of weather. The air
temperature itself is not bad but the wind cuts right through you.
Our bus ride here was a little over 8 hours because of snow delays and
a car crash in the mountains. We drove right through a whiteout into a corner
and the bus banged into the side of the road as we made the corner. We took
every side road there possibly was in Serbia; imagine taking the
Greyhound Bus from Vegas to Denver and taking every surface road along the way
stopping in neighborhoods to drop people off and pick them up along the
way. That is close to what we went through today. Riding this bus must be
close second to riding the boat across river Styx. All of us are so tired and
beat from the long ride. Four of us went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant.
It was amazing, they served us and took such good care of us. The food was
great and very cheap! We are going to check on the trains to Budapest
and the four of us are going to head out tomorrow. I am looking forward to
a good nights sleep.

This is Judge signing off from Belgrade.
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photo by: EmEm