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Salzburg Day 2 Continued...

So today we planned to head out to Berchastgarden and explore that area. Well after a trip down to the busbanhof and finding no help whatsoever
we decided to explore the Hohensalzburg Fortress and surrounding grounds. After a vigorous climb to the top of the hill which the fortress is perched
on; I can see now why it was one of the only fortresses never to be sacked. The views of Salzburg are breathtaking from high atop the fortress. We explored
the fortress grounds and inside the fortress. Made another meat sandwich with Nutella while sitting in the fortress, these will be the staple meal for us over here. We began our walk down from the fortress and decided to check the grounds around the backside of the fortress. There are some
amazing houses perched against the cliffs below the fortress. The streets up to these houses are so narrow; one can only imagine how they get their
cars up and down these streets. After exploring the grounds we decided to walk back across the river
and head up the hill that is on the opposite side of the fortress. Another steep and long hike was a head of us; along the way there were statues of the
stages of the cross. We timed our ascent perfect; as we arrived to the top of the climb the sun was just starting to set on Salzburg. What a site
this is; I wish you all could see it, and if I would not have forgotten my cable for my camera I would be uploading some pics for all to see. Maybe
later on the trip I will be able to. We hiked through the forest for a bit and found some cool trails, wish I had my bike with me for this part. There were
some remnants of an old fortress wall still in tact, guard posts and all. On our way back down the hill we stopped by a small bust of Mozart and took
some pics. This inspired us to pick up some Mozart Balls on the way back to the hostel. Oh what delicious treats Mozart Balls are. One could make a
meal out of them, which Colin and I ended up doing. The wireless connection we had going in our room no longer wants to connect, so we are without
internet for a bit. I was working my way around the room window to window trying to pick up a signal, half hanging out the windows at one time. Picture Colin
holding me by my feet as I dangle from the second floor window trying to find optimal wireless reception; what we would give for a wireless sniffer
right now.
Tomorrow is the big day, SALZBURG RED BULLS FOOTBALL!!! This for sure will be one of the highlights of the trip for me. I finally let the true
football hooligan in me out to play, YES!!
It is time to put these tired dogs of mine to sleep, feet are a little on the tired side from walking all over today. I must say it is so nice
just to be back in Salzburg walking around! I highly recommend a trip over here
to you all!!
Well until next time, this is Judge saying “Goodnight, farewell, auf wiederschen.”

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Hello from Salzburg,
We have arrived and have decided to move to the place we stayed last year.
Last night we stayed in St. Sebastian; Mozart’s Father and family are buried out
back.It was a nice place but the church bells rang every 15 minutes and went crazy
at 18:00 and 06:00. Fortunately they stop at 22:00, but man are they hard to
sleep through.
The flight over was not too bad, got some shut eye on the flight from SLC to Atlanta,
but not much on the flight from Atlanta to Munich. That was a LONG flight!
We have tracked down the Nutella and had some lunch..
We are now officially back in EUROPE!! LOL
Going to head out to Berchastgarden Germany this afternoon to explore
that city again and after that checkout more of the old town in Salzburg.
We walked down to Mozart Platz last night, but we did not stay too long,
we were both feeling the time change.
Signing off for now...
Until next time this is Judge saying "The hills are alive with the
sound of MUSIC!"
photo by: travpro11