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Long Bus Ride To Spilt:

We are in Split Croatia; endured a ten hour bus ride from Pula to
Split. That same distance could have been covered in a car in about
four and a half hours.
The bus wound down the coast, and when I say wound I mean WOUND!
There were times were the only thing that would keep the bus from
splashing down into the Adriatic a thousand feet bellow was a
minuscule guard rail.
It was very beautiful drive for the first bit and around sunset. The rest
was just torture! Croatia does not have very good public transportation, so
the bus is used as a way to get around the country. The bus goes through
all the small cities and down two lane highways making numerous stops to let
people on and off the bus. It was a nice Mercedes Benz Touring Bus and was
never crowded, but we truly got to see the coast; about 9 hours too much of
it I must add. If you make your way to Croatia, rent a car or fly.
Along the way on the bus we meet a fellow traveler from America; he
has traveled the world a few times over. First time he traveled this region
was back in 1973. He is some sort of author, we believe on antiquities
since that is what he talks about all the time. His name is Mike, kind of an
odd guy but very friendly. When we arrived in split a little after 21:00 we
were barraged with little old ladies trying to see if we needed a room to
Colin, Mike, and I talked with a lady that looked the most trustworthy
and walked to her place. Along the way she told us all about the city and
Diocletian’s Palace which was built here between 295-305AD. It is
absolutely amazing especially at night with is all lit up. The place we are
staying at is a nice flat that has an amazing view of the Palace Tower. We decided
to stay here for two nights to checkout the Palace and other sites. Colin
and I went for a short walk after we got all checked into our place.
The plan for now is to enjoy Split tomorrow, and catch a ferry to
Dubrovnik the next day. Looks like after that we are going to Sarajevo in Bosnia
& Herzegovina, after that we may head to Bratislava in the Slovak Republic
before heading to Budapest. If we still have time we are talking about
heading into Romania and seeing Transylvania, maybe even look for
Dracula while we are at it. As you can tell we are planning on seeing much more
of Eastern Europe than we initially planned to see. I am really excited
about seeing Sarajevo; the CNN news reports are still fresh in my mind about
“Sniper Alley” and how war torn that city was. From what we have heard it is
a wonderful place to visit now.
Until next time this is Judge saying “Dovidenja.”
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photo by: EmEm