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Ljubljana Day 3
Lazy day here in Ljubljana just relaxing and recovering from the lack
of sleep last night, what a funny time it was. We talked to many local
people here in the hostel, which turns out to be one of the hot spots of the
city. www.Hostelcelica.com people come from all over the city and hangout
here. As we sat and had some dinner last night in the dining room we talked with
a local man that migrated here from the Middle East. After talking with
him for awhile we found out he was a tobacco smuggler, and sold tobacco
here in Ljubljana on the black market. He was a quirky interesting person to
share a table with. After he left we talked with a bunch of local youths who
come to the hostel to hangout and smoke hookahs. We talked with them for an
hour or so and found that most of them had immigrated here from all over;
Mexico City, Moscow, and all over Europe. Colin and I were crashing around
21:30 due to the fact that the last four nights we have been asleep before
22:30. Outside the hostel there is a little shanty town set up in the old
military installment that used to be here. Supposedly this is the place to
hangout; with a few bars/clubs and mostly people just hanging out on the grounds
it was the place to be. Colin and I decided we would head out to see what
all the fuss was about. Here we were thinking a handful of people would be
out there; oh no there was a few hundred people out there. We walked around
in shock of all the people just hanging out in this little area. We ran
into some of the people we were talking with earlier talked with them for a
bit then talked with some tourist from Mexico City and Panama; they were
funny guys. It was quite the experience seeing all this happen with no police
presence. After standing outside for an hour or so watching all this
and talking with a few people we decided it was time to hit the rack. Oh
the fun had only started! We got back into our room just in time to see our new
roommate had just showed up. She was from the US but lives in the
Netherlands now. She was a larger older lady that could snore with the
best of them. After listening to a book on my MP3 player until 01:30 I
decided to put in the earplugs and try to sleep. My sleep would be short lived,
the lady got up to use the WC and fumbled about with the light switches
flipping the lights off and on in the room countless times until she figured out
which one turned on the light in the WC. Not too hard to figure it out
since there was only three, but I guess she felt like we all needed to be up
to enjoy such momentous occasions. Our other roommate is from Norway; she
is a very friendly person and speaks English amazingly well.
Right now I am sitting in the main square enjoying some free wireless
and watching people walk by. For a Saturday it is very dead here, most
shops are closed for the day.
We are trying to get down to Croatia but the bus or train down does
not go on Sundays. So we are here again for another day. The next stop for us
should be Pula Croatia.

Until next time this is Judge saying so long from Ljubljana.
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photo by: Chokk