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We are dead tired from the hike we did yesterday. The day started off
with something like this; “Let’s just take in an easy hike today.”
Five hours later we were dragging ourselves back into the room. We embarked on
an easy hike and ended up hiking three quarters of the way up the highest peaks
around. It was a very nice hike, went through some amazing woods with
all the fall colors on the trees and the forest floor bellow. You should
see the roads they build over here; they go straight up the mountain hugging
thousand plus foot cliff edges and all one lane with small pull offs
every so often. They also have a thing here where if they can’t go around
the mountain the go through the mountain! After the hike we ate some food
in our room and crashed for the next 5 hours, turning in at 21:00. There is
not much to do here once the sun goes down and man does it go down fast
here this time of the year!
Today we went and sat in the sun next to the lake to try to warm up.
After watching the ducks and swans for a bit we decided to go check out the
Catholic Church that has a room in the graveyard full of skulls and
bones. They are painted, and have the names and years on each one. There is
limited space for bodies so after 10 years the bodies would be removed and the
skulls would be bleached and painted and placed with the long bones in
the bone room. This continued until the Catholic Church gave the ok for
cremation. Colin and I were going to go check out the world’s oldest
salt mine, but we read there are over 600 steps you have to climb and we
said,“BAG IT!!” Our legs are way too tired from yesterdays death march.
We finally found some WIFI here that we could connect to, but it is in the
shade and in the shade it was 45 degrees; Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! It’s about
nap time over here in Hallstatt, in a few hours the sun should be shining
on our WIFI spot and we will be heading back there to send off some more
e-mails and check on the next place we are off to tomorrow.
Tomorrow we are off to Badgastein, Austria. It has some hot springs
there and is a very popular winter resort. We plan to stay three nights there
before moving on to Croatia.
Until next time this is Judge saying, “Gruss Gut” (may God greet you) this
is what Austrians say to one another.
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photo by: yenhoon