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Arrived in Hallstatt this afternoon, the train ride here was amazing.
Passed through some beautiful countryside full of lakes tucked in
between towering mountains. We had to take a boat across the lake from the
train station to get to Hallstatt, that was a nice little ride. The town of
Hallstatt is very small but has a lot of charm. We walked to the end of
the town, which can be covered in about ten minutes; sat in the sun and
watched the day tourists leave. Talked with some Austrian tourists that was
here on a company sponsored outing. They were some goofy guys; one thing we
have noticed is that Austrians do not have as much of command on the English
Language as much as Germans have. This town clears out and we have the
run of the place after 18:00. Since this is the off season for around here
we are pretty much all by ourselves. The place we are staying in is called
Gasthof Simony; it is over 500 years old!! This city is ancient; it has
been around longer than ROME!! An entire epoch known as the Hallstatt era
800-400bc tells you the importance of this small city due to its salt
mining trade. Tomorrow we are going to head out and explore this city and
surrounding area.
Well I am off to bed, here it is only 21:18 and I am tired and there is
nothing to do here. This is definitely one of those places where it is
early to bed and early to rise.
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photo by: yenhoon