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Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Another day of traveling, another long bus ride. Today our bus driver
looks like he was on an all night binger. I’m sitting on a bus going
through Bosnia & Herzegovina right now; listening to a little Mazzy Star.
The views are amazing! We passed through a few small towns and you could
still see the remnants of shrapnel and bullet holes on many of the buildings.
Stopped in one small town and I went to use the WC and the WC Nazi was in full
effect blocking the door with her body. Most the time I can just blow by them;
I refuse to pay to use a bathroom that is not maintained! That is part of
the fun traveling in Europe; The hunt for the WC. That and looking for a
place to buy food such as a grocery store.

We were thinking about staying in Dubrovnik one more day but the
weather was starting to turn. The winds are amazing there when they kick up!
Yesterday we walked around on the fortress wall of Dubrovnik. The views
of the city were astonishing from the wall. Took a bunch of pictures and video.
It took a little over an hour to walk the whole wall including stops to
checkout the scenery. We hung out with some Australians that we meet on
the bus ride down from Split. They were leaving town too because of how
dead it was. Last night was pants and sweater weather, the night before I
was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt.
So this trip we have been bombarded with Sobe Ladies. They wait at all
the bus stops looking for people like us with big backpacks to offer a Sobe
(basically a private room) There are signs all over offeringSobe’s/Zimmers.
I am sure when we hit Sarajevo they will be out in force. Some of them
are very nice, but others look like total con-artists. No passport stamps
yet, just the one we got when we landed in Munich. We are way bummed about
that; thought for sure we would get one going into Croatia and Bosnia. Guess
I will just have to settle for my country patches I buy to put on my
pack. Think I might be running out room soon with all the patches I need to
buy, the list of countries I have been to is starting to get long. Canada,
US, Mexico, England, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France,
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia &
Herzegovina, and soon Hungary. Not too bad of a list I must say; I do
plan on adding many more countries to this list down the road.
Read a great book on this trip; called “Cold Kill”. I highly
recommend it; I went through all 500+ pages in three days!
Right now I am working on a book Colin got off some guy in
our hostel in Salzburg. It is called “The Devils Picnic”;
very interesting look at governments and how they control societies.
We are finally back on the road, had a rest stop for a bit.
There was a German Shepard there that I played with for a bit. I miss my dog!
Hopefully next stop is Sarajevo!

This is Judge signing off from somewhere in Bosnia & Herzegovina.
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photo by: herman_munster