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Dubrovnik Day 2:
Hello all from Dubrovnik. Just got back from a nice dip in the
Adriatic. It is a beautiful sunny day here, low 80’s in the sun.
It is going to be quite the rude shock heading back to Salt Lake
and winter like weather after spending time here.
In a bit we are going to head down to the old town and walk around the
fortress. It is amazing to think that artillery shells struck 68% of
the 800+ buildings in the old town during 1991-92. It is very well
reconstructed; one would never think this town was hit so hard.
Yesterday was another very long, stinky and hot bus ride; they must
get cold easy down here because the bus did not have the AC on and people
were wearing sweaters and jeans on the bus. Some Australians along with us were
dying from the heat! Again the bus followed the coastline with nice views of
the Adriatic a thousand or so feet bellow the road with no shoulder to stop
the bus from going straight down for a big splash. A real good sign is
seeing cars every so often on the cliffs bellow; just as long as we don’t
see a bus we are alright. We walked around the old town last night for a bit,
there is so much to see here! We were not expecting this big of an old medieval
town. We might stay here a few more days before moving on.
Right now we pretty much have the hostel all to ourselves.
We plan to have 4-5 days in Budapest so that should put us in there
around Friday the 3rd. As of now we do plan to stop in Sarajevo
but nothing is set in stone. I have been taking a bunch
of pictures and will post them online when I get home.

This is Judge signing off from Dubrovnik.
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photo by: EmEm