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Budapest Day 4-5: 11-6/7-06

Colin and I woke up early and headed out for a tour today. We decided
to take the Hammer & Sickle Tour. This tour included a trip to the Statue
Park, where they have on display some of the old communist statues that at
one time were all around Budapest. We were thinking it was going to be a
big junkyard of statues, but it was actually a well planned out display of
the statues, with a lot of symbolism on how they were displayed. Didn’t
do too much the rest of the day; that night we hooked up with Chris and went
out to shoot some pictures and see more sites. This city really is amazing at
night; I can see why the call it the Paris of Eastern Europe!

Last day of our European Adventure 06. Headed out to the flea market
and looked around for any good bargains. I picked myself up a Soviet Navy
Hat. There was a bunch of Third Reich items too, but it is hard to tell the
fake items from the real deal. The flea market had so much, but we have such
little space in our packs to bring things back. Just like the rest of our
trip the journey out to the market was quite the adventure. I went out
and toured a museum in the afternoon while Colin took a nap. I walked
through the Terror Museum; it is where the Soviets would torture and kill
people that were considered enemies of the state. The prison cells in the
basement were so disturbing. They had one where you had to stand, and they
shined lights in your eyes at all times, another you would not be able to
stand up in. It was quite a sobering tour through this museum.
After that I went down to what use to be called Heroes Square;
it is one of the only monuments still standing for the Soviets action on
freeing the city of Budapest during WWII.
While standing there I heard some people talking through loud speakers.
Sounded like some kind of rally or protest. Since I was around the embassies
I thought I would go see if a riot was going to breakout. I stumbled upon a
small rally of about 200 hundred people or so. I have no idea what they were
talking about but I walked around and watched for a bit.
The police were there but letting things be for a bit. After awhile I noticed
more and more police and some big police vans coming down a street.
I made my exit stage right and did not look back.
Colin and I went to go to one of the thermal spas but it was closed when
we got there. So we never got to experience one of the thermal spas.
Oh well, guess I will just have to come back someday.
I went out to take some more night shots when we got back. Headed down to
the Chain Bridge and got a bunch or really good shots.
I really like the nights here in Budapest. Headed up on a hill that had
an incredible view of the city and just sat up there and took it all in.
I really don’t want to go back home quite yet, could use a few more
weeks over here.
Colin and I are heading back home tomorrow morning bright and early.
We should be touching down in SLC around 20:30.

I hope you all have enjoyed my e-mails, it has been a pleasure to
share our adventures with you.

This is Judge signing off one last time from Europe. Goodnight!
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photo by: Chokk