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All dressed up

After leaving Nagasaki, we sailed into the Yellow Sea on our way to Xingang, China where we will conclude our cruise.

Today is our last day aboard the ship...which means we are busy relaxing, packing, doing laundry and enjoying some fun before disembarking.

We joined our group of friends for an intense game of Around the World Table Tennis. I think Suzy invented this game while on the involves all 8 of us getting around the ping pong table, one person lobs the ball over the net and then puts the paddle down and we all rotate, the next person picks up the paddle and hits the ball back and this continues until one of us misses. At that point that person is out and the game continues with a smaller group. It gets very intense at the end when you ar running from one end of the table to another trying to get the paddle and hit the ball in time.

Deep Blue
...and mostly we laugh ourselves silly!

The temperature has dropped dramatically since leaving Nagasaki, which means that laying by the pool and swimming are out. As I was waiting at the bar for a diet coke a German woman approached the bartender and asked him if he could turn off the air conditioner as it was too cold. The bartender patiently explained that the AC was not on, that it was the outside temperature that was cooler. The German woman looked puzzled and then asked the bartender to turn up the temperature so she could sit by the pool. As she walked away the bartender looked at me and said, "I bet you didn't realize that I had a switch to control the weather back here did you?" It was hilarious!

Brian and I have enjoyed our time on the ship...but we have also been constantly puzzled by the actions of other passengers. People are strange and when you get 2000 people from 38 different countries together in one place people seem to be even stranger! :)

Tomorrow we land in Xingang, where our ride will meet us to drive us into Beijing. Our friends will also be in Beijing and we are making plans to get together while we are there!

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All dressed up
All dressed up
Deep Blue
Deep Blue
A wild game of around the world pi…
A wild game of around the world p…
Ann and Suzy sharing a coat during…
Ann and Suzy sharing a coat durin…
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