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Hong Kong harbor from the Star Ferry

Ok, it sounds corny, but it was the only way I could think of to express how unbelievably magnificent Hong Kong!

I loved Hong Kong, it was huge and busy and clean and sunny and full of life! So far, Sydney has been my favorite harbor in the world...but now...I am completely torn!

We landed in Harbor City on Kowloon, which is one of the "islands" in the District of Hong Kong. We took the Star Ferry over to Hong Kong Island to begin our day of exploring. The ferry takes less than 10 minutes, the boats are quite famous and historical and the entire experience was wonderful. Did I mention that it costs 30 cents? At that rate I could ride all day and just enjoy my very own harbor cruise!

Once on Hong Kong Island we decided to walk up a few blocks to check out the escalators.

The bay near Stanley Market
In the Soho neighborhood, Hong Kong has the longest covered escalator in the world. It essentially covers about 1/3 of the city and takes you half way up the hill which dominates the center of Hong Kong Island. It was pretty amazing crossing a major city in this fashion. Imagine taking an escalator from Fisherman's wharf in San Fran all the way to Chinatown. Once off the escalator we began wandering through the city streets, enjoying the antique shops, Chinese medicine shops, dried fish shops and all the other sights and sounds of the big city.

Hong Kong has trolley cars, they are double-deckers, and they are also a must see. We boarded the trolley near the Western Market with the intention of getting off at the Bank of China, 20 blocks later. We sat up top so we could see the sights and when it was time to get off we discovered that the trolley was so packed that we literally could not get off! Three stops later and much wiggling and we finally made it off the trolley.

Happy after a great day!
We couldn't help but burst out laughing at being stuck on the trolley!

We walked back over to the Bank of China tower, designed by IM Pei, it used to be the tallest building in Hong Kong. You can take the elevator up to the 43rd floor and see the entire Hong Kong harbor and skyline. It is free, with no need to check in or anything, and it was beautiful! We took several photos and pressed our foreheads against the glass to try to see the street below.

We still had several hours and decided to head across island to Stanley Market. The subway does not go there and the bus was going to take a long time, so we grabbed a cab. I could tell that Brian was very worried and tense, but I did not know why....I found out later he had a bad taxi experience in Sacramento recently.

The huge one!
But, no worries, we arrived quickly and at a pretty good rate. The best part of going to Stanley Market was seeing the south side of Hong Kong Island. Think Manly Beach in Sydney....we rode on a two lane road skirting the cliffs above the sea and the beach below...again, it was so beautiful. I chose my condo and told Brian I wanted it for my birthday! :)

We wandered through the market and made a few purchases, and then went to lunch. We sat in a seaside restaurant and ordered a dim sum platter and some Hong Kong appetizers and decided to have a beer. The menu had draft beer in small, large and huge, so of course we each ordered a huge Stella. It was as big as a pitcher and we were glad we didn't have to drive anywhere!

We wandered back through the market and caught the cab back to the Star Ferry terminal and took the ferry back to our ship.

Hong Kong by night
...our day was almost over. :(

A few weeks back I told Brian that I hoped we would be able to see some of the city lights during our stops, even if from the ship as we departed. Our captain was able to get special permission from the Hong Kong authorities to leave Hong Kong through the Eastern channel, which is the small channel between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Normally, ships our size are not allowed, but with our special permission, the on-board DJ arranged some beautiful music and we all gathered along the decks and watched the beautiful lights as we slowly made our way through the heart of Hong Kong....unbelievable! At 8 p.m. the tallest buildings in Hong Kong put on a laser light show, we are able to see the beginning of this show and I imagine it would be a lot of fun to be on a small boat right below the lights in mid-harbor...we are counting the days until we can return to this amazing city!

ferroo says:
Nice blog! what exactly is a dimsum platter? well i am asking this because i am normally a vegetarian and to some extent chicken or fish, so i was just thinking will i be able to get anything to eat..i have seen some really scary food pics...:)
Posted on: Jan 03, 2008
chmiller79 says:
the pregnant hippo says: enjoy a "huge one" for me.
Posted on: Oct 27, 2007
dquinn says:
Hong Kong sounds like a fabulous place - I can't imagine a harbor more beautiful than Sydney. This is the one place that I would really like to see on your trip. Have fun!
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
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Hong Kong harbor from the Star Fer…
Hong Kong harbor from the Star Fe…
The bay near Stanley Market
The bay near Stanley Market
Happy after a great day!
Happy after a great day!
The huge one!
The huge one!
Hong Kong by night
Hong Kong by night