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Pad thai on the street in the middle of the night

It sounds even better than Vegas baby! :)

Brian and I arrived at midnight on Saturday night and after clearing customs we were met with our ride which included a very happy, smiling, Thai woman holding a sign that said "Cotter, Brian" we were both pretty psyched to be picked up by a sign-carrying driver...a first for both of us!

Our hotel is the Asia Hotel and it is very nice and located right next to the Sky Train which makes the city very accessible.

We checked in and went for a walk to get a snack and settled on some pad thai prepared by a street vendor...the pad thai at Thai Basil in Denver cannot even compare to the real thing. It was delicious!

We woke about 8:30 on Sunday and had breakfast. Our mission today was the Chatachuk Market which is only held on weekends.

Happy now that his tummy is full
It is the largest, most overwhelming market you have ever seen. It is a maze of skinny aisles and they sell everything. A friend told me that if you go deep enough you will find baby leopard cubs for sale. We kept going and going and did not find baby leopard cubs, but we did find squirrels and chipmunks for sale. Little baby ones, they did not even look real.

After almost two hours wandering through the market we were both overwhelmed and decided to get back on the sky train and head to Siam station. This is a transfer station and is home to several, at least 4 different shopping malls. There are lots of high end stores, Prada, Gucci, etc and also home to the aquarium. We decided to check out the aquarium and it was great. I decided to be extra brave and touched a boa constrictor.

Chatachuk market
Brian has a photo that he will post once he updates his blog. Right now he is exhausted and cannot even consider writing!

After Siam we decided to find the Erawan temple. The Hyatt built a large hotel back in the 50's and they were having all sorts of bad luck with construction. They consulted an astrologer who told them that they needed to build a temple in order to appease the gods. They built the temple and the gods were appeased and construction finished and the hotel opened without problems. Now there is a temple in the middle of this hotel/shopping complex, it is quite strange. In the middle of a busy city intersection there are all sorts of people praying at the Erawan temple which is essentially open on the street.

After leaving the temple we met a nice woman on the corner who told us about the Thailand Export Center, a great place to find authentic Thai goods at very good prices.

One of a thousand aisles at Chatachuk
She gave us good directions, told us what to look out for and unfortunately told us to go by Tuk Tuk rather than by train as the time was short until they closed. Brian and I had been warned many times to avoid the Tuk Tuks because they tend to scam you and drop you off in the wrong place at a jewelry store where they get a commission. Well, despite our high hopes we ended up getting scammed and dropped off at some jewelry store instead of the export place.

The tuk tuk ride itself was wild. It is completely open, motorcycle sized, in the midst of crazy Bangkok traffice and exhaust...not an experience I would want every day! :)

At first I was pretty bummed that we missed out on the export center and that we got scammed, but then I decided not to let one bad apple ruin Bangkok for me.

Yes, those are baby squirrels
We only spent $1.20 US for the ride so if we ended up in the wrong place, who are we to complain! :)

We decided to head toward Patpong which is the area known as the Bangkok red light district. At night they have a night market where you can get the best knock-off brands. As we were heading toward the train station it began to pour rain. I'm talking complete monsoon rain here. We got on the train and when we got to our station it was still pouring so we decided to ride the train awhile longer. It stopped after about 30 minutes and we headed toward Patpong. The streets were completely flooded, so we had a hard time walking through the area. We decided to stop in an Irish bar for a few beers and wait for the streets to drain.

We had Japanese food for dinner and now are back at the hotel after a long, sweaty, rainy, great day! Brian is exhausted so even though it is only 7:20 I think he is headed to bed.

So far, Bangkok is amazing, an overload for the senses. We are having a great time!


chmiller79 says:
Patrick and I insisted on driving the tuk tuk ourselves if they didn't take us to our desired destination...and we were serious, but hey, it got us where we needed to go :)
Posted on: Oct 27, 2007
dquinn says:
Mom and Dad say hi. Sounds pretty exciting already. No more tuk tuks for you two!
Posted on: Oct 14, 2007
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Pad thai on the street in the midd…
Pad thai on the street in the mid…
Happy now that his tummy is full
Happy now that his tummy is full
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Chatachuk market
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Yes, those are baby squirrels
Yes, those are baby squirrels
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