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So, I'm back home from my two week journey to the motherland -Espana. I figure I should write down everything i can remember about the trip so i can come back and read up on it at a later time and remember the good times. So, here goes...

     The first day I got to Spain I had a little trouble finding my way to Paul's apartment from the airport, but I'm actually pleased with how well I did considering I was in a completely different part of the world. Of course the most trouble I had was figuring out how to use the damn payphone and exactly how much change I had to put in the machine. I probably wasted about 5 euro on a call that lasted about 30 seconds. Anyways, the first day I checked out a few places with Paul and we went to a tapas bar and such, but I was pretty jet lagged so I crashed for a while. I met his roommates Ryan and Arthur, and his friend from program Vahe. They're all awesome guys. Paul's cousin, Eddie aka Shupfool, got in later that night. After a few hours of messin around at the apartment it was time to go out and experience the Spanish Nightlife!
    Wow, what can I say? That first night sent me into a roaring 16 day drinking binge with the pro's of partying.  The clubs and bars are awesome and the people know how to have a good time. The spots wouldn't get crackin till around 2 am and would die down around 6am with stragglers til 7 or so. I fell in love a few times. Once with a German girl named Hanala, or maybe it was Jalana. I forget, but it was definitely love!haha. Until I ripped up her phone number and threw away in front of her. Don't ask, I was drunk and regretted it the next day.
    So anyways, Most of the first week was just partying and sleeping and hanging out in the city. We all went to Retiro Park for a game of ultimate Frisbee. That was an awesome time. The locals there couldn't figure out what the hell we were doing. Good times. Eddie and I also hit up the Prado which is a museum in Atocha. It was a pretty cool place but I'm not too into portraits or stills. We tried making it to the medieval city of toledo but got lost and wound up in some small city on the outskirts of madrid where we ate lunch and i proceeded to get drunk off wine. I got sick towards the end of the week because the apartment was so damn dusty.  Seriously, dust bunnies the size of my foot up in them halls! But yeah, it was the end of the week though so that meant one thing- LAS FALLAS in Valencia!
     On Friday we all left Madrid on a tour bus to Valencia for the great festival that is Las Fallas. After about a 5 hour bus ride we got to the city and almost shat our pants. The streets were insanely crowded with people. All kinds of people were there from all over the world. At every block or so there was a giant Falla, which is a huge paper mache statue. Kind of like a rose parade float or something. But these things are huuuge. Anyways, we went to our hotel first and checked in. it was like some bungalow type place on the outskirts. Pretty cool I guess. At midnight the big group of us went back to the inner city and walked around the streets all night getting drunk and dancing at the random tents that were serving one euro beers and 2 euro mixed drinks. That calls for a good time. We ate paella that the locals gave us from their grill pans that they were using on the streets. We hit up some clubs with the tour guide and then we made our way back to the hotel to reenergize at about 6 am. We missed breakfast, needless to say.         The next day we went back to the city and did the same thing all over again. This time we left earlier because the following day was the big finale.     We had 15 hours to kill until our bus left for Madrid. We decided to first find which Falle we wanted to see at the end of the night. We found the biggest one of course and decided we would be at that spot at midnight. Then we cruised around town and found ourselves some fireworks and started blowing shit up. We blew up a hat on the beach, a rubber speedbump off the ground among other harmless things. We ate at some restaurant on the beach and rode the bus around for a while. Then it was 8 oclock- Our preplanned time to start drinking! Needless to say we got wasted. Around ten oclock Arthur was shitfaced and I was in no shape to point fingers.
    The Falles for the ninos were about to be burned down so we gathered around one of them and watched the ceremony. It was pretty interesting. The family that had spent all year creating the Falle were in their ceremonial threads and ready to burn their creation down! Tears were shed and the fuse was set. It was time to set it off. After the Falle was doused in gasoline the father of the family lit the fuse and a succession of fireworks and firecrackers were set off. The fuse reached the poor papier mache caricature and it went up in flames. The crowd was cheering and banging and clapping. I thought it was all quite interesting. And that was just for the small 6 foot falle. What about the 60 foot falle I was gonna have front and center for at midnight?     Well, when It came time for the big ones to fall me, paul, vahe, and the very drunk Arthur were all at the very front of the crowd, about 30 feet away from a 60 foot by 100 foot scene of Pocahontas, John smith and the Indian chief that was about to burn!! We didn't know what the hell we had gotten ourselves into. When the Firemen were in place and the news reporter had run for safety, the engineer lit the fuse. After about 20 seconds the whole thing was up in flames. Huge flames! Bigger flames than we expected. Then came the ash. The hot ash. Hot ash that fell into our shirts and hair and burned the shit out of us. The falle started to fall. People started to panic because everyone was way too close after many warnings and requests to back up about 50 feet. I swear I thought people were gonna get trampled, but even with that in my mind, I couldn't help but laugh at everything. It was like nothing I ever experienced in my life. It puts our July 4th celebrations to shame. I wish I had the pictures right now to show you how horrible we looked when all was said and done. It was sad. We got on the bus at about 3 am for the worst bus ride of my life. I was wet, dirty, and had the worst headache of my life. I had weird foamy beads of ash in my hair for the next two days. Pretty disgusting. Eddie left for home while we were in Valencia so now back in Madrid it was just me staying at Paul's. We kept the party going same way we did the week before- after swearing off alcohol each morning we knew it was time to get down to business by the time it was dark. Week two actually wasn't much different from week one. Met more people, went to more clubs, got lost in more parts of the city.  I left Madrid a drunken mess. We went out for my last night there at this pub called O'connell's and then wound up in some gay bar (we were hanging out with some lesbians or bi's-whatever) then we found ourselves at a techno club till about 6 am when I finally decided it was time for me to go to catch my 9am flight and had some Spanish girl calling me a "poosy" for leaving spain and going home. It tempted me quite a bit to miss my plane and stay. But alas, I left and me and paul went back to the apt to grab my shit and head to the airport via metro. I finally got on the plane and had horrible ride to London. Felt like I was in a the Wright brothers' plane. Then I got to London and got delayed for a while until I finally got on my plane home around 4pm. And then It was all over. Here I am back in the real world. I had work today. Longest day of my life. Daydreams and  internet surfing. I shouldn't have gotten on the plane back home. I'm gonna miss it. I miss it already. But I'll go back. Soon too. Sooner than you think. Sooner than I think I bet. Anyways I'll probably edit this thing a few times when I randomly remember things. Right now the days kind of just blur together. That's what 16 straight days of partying does I guess. Oh well, that's all I guess. Time to get on with it.

Oh yeah, pics coming soon.

and i apoligize for the poor grammar etc.

[EDIT] Paul reminded me how i forgot about one of the best parts of the damn trip. The Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla FC Futbol game!  Shit how did i forget about that. Anyways We went to the game and ya know i'm not a supermega fan of soccer but that shit was awesome! There was a mini riot and the sevilla goalie got hit with a whiskey bottle thrown from the crowd. a freakin WHISKEY BOTTLE. all the fans got kicked out of the stadium and the game was finished afterwards... paul's blog tells about it in detail go check that out. haha how did i forget about that.. shit.

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