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       This summer I spent 10 days at Club Med Phuket, Thailand visiting my friends who work there. I had some amazing and unforgettable experiences while I was there, and this is one of them.
       One of the nights while I was at Club Med Phuket, my Korean friends invited me to go out to the bar with them. I had never been to a bar before, especially in a foreign country, so I decided to go. My friends Diane, Christal, and Cha Cha went. We took a tuk-tuk(the Thai open air version of taxi) to the 1st bar a few minutes away from the Club Med. It was really loud and crowded when we got there. There was a live band, and believe it or not they were singing English hip-hop songs!! There was this Thai guy belting Usher songs at the top of his lungs. lol I have never seen anything like that before :) So we stayed there til closing(they had drinks, I did not), and I was one of 2 blonde people in the entire club.
      After the 1st club, we took another tuk-tuk to Patong. We argued with the driver about the price, but finally got him to give us a decent one. In Patong we went to this nightclub that had strobe lights and DJ and everything. There were lady-boys too(you could tell they were guys cuz there adam's apples were giant).....which was a pretty unusual scene for me. At this bar, we danced the night away. It was cool. I remember all the people wearing white had glowing clothes because of the strobe light. It was insane! I got bumped into multiple times and we had to shout into each other's ears to talk to each other. It was fun. We were at that second bar until 4am!! Yup. The funniest part happened when we were going back to Club Med tho. At this point my Korean friends were drunk, and so we decided to head back to Club Med. During the tuk-tuk ride back, my friend fell asleep on the seat in the back of the tuk-tuk, and when it stopped in front of the Club Med, the jerking caused her to fall off the seat and she ended up rolling onto the ground of the tuk-tuk! lol It was hilarious. So after that my friends decided to carry Christal back to her room. Ah it was quite the night. I will never forget it. Club Med rocks!

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photo by: Aclay01