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     Last summer, I went to Club Med Cherating, Malaysia for 10 days, after spending 10 days in Club Med Phuket, Thailand. I chose Cherating because I wanted to visit my friends who were working there. It was a blast! I have so many great memories there. However there are a few that stick out in my mind the most. The first one is going to the waterfall near Kuantan with my friends Rika and Joan. It was beautiful! It was like driving through a tropical forest to get there, with wild monkeys all around you, making funny noises. When we got there, we had to climb over rocks and walk across this rickety old bridge with wooden planks. It was cool. When we got across the bridge, we came to the bottom of the waterfall, where it dropped off into a pool of pristine, clear water, perfect for swimming in the hot weather. So Rika, Joan, and I walked over to the pool and slid down into it(it was pretty shallow, so we didn't dive). We all looked up at the gorgeous watefall staring right at us. It was amazing. The sound of the pure, rushing water diving over the calming and refreshing. But then all of a sudden, we heard screams. We looked around and saw that a girl was stuck underwater and she couldn't get up. So we saw this guy(her father I think) jump into the water and quickly pull her up. Wow, she almost was so scary. Other then that scary moment, that day at the waterfall was amazing. And of course what made it complete was the frappucinos and cheesecake we had when we stopped at Starbucks in Kuantan on the way back to the hotel. :) lol
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photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee